The Rising of Whismania

Timeline created by Tylo1130
  • The Last Battle

    The Last Battle
    There was a monarch in Whismania ruled by King Ramiro. He kept sending his citizens into battle with no regard for their lives. This was the tipping point for the people. This was the last battle his citizens would fight for him. With over 1,000 dead and only about 20 returning home alive to their families.
  • The First Meeting of the Uprising

    The First Meeting of the Uprising
    The people had become fed up and with the King ordering another war of bloodshed for the city, they decided to take a stand. Under the cover of night they organized their first meeting. Deciding how they planned to overthrow the king and bring about a new era.
  • Orders of Chaos

    Orders of Chaos
    With the Uprising gaining momentum and new members weekly, it was time to start showing the King he no longer owned the people. With the war he ordered his people to participate in just around the corner the people began to put their plan of chaos into place.
  • Refusing the Order

    Refusing the Order
    The people were supposed to be geared up and on their way to war this day. Instead they all dressed accordingly and marched away from the kingdom to a farmhouse outside of town. There they planned to wait until the King thought they were long gone and then take the thrown by surprise.
  • The March Begins

    The March Begins
    Under the cover of night the Uprising Army marched with their old armor newly repainted black and green. They carried large torches and chanted, "The Throne is Dead, Off with His Head!" The King awoke to his guards warning him of the disaster coming. He looked out his window and become very afraid of what was to come.
  • Forcing A Hand

    Forcing A Hand
    The people had been waiting outside of the castle, battling guards, and setting the King's crops on fire for almost 2 months now. It was time to make the final move. The people announced they would surrender if only they could meet with the king. The King's council advised against this meeting, but his majesty agreed to it. They would set a meeting for the next day.
  • Over Throwing of the Crown

    Over Throwing of the Crown
    The people were invited into the King's castle to discuss a peace plan. The meeting started out fine with all seated around the table and trying to come up with an agreement on how the future of the country would play out. The people wanted to give the King a chance to let them have representation. However, when he said no and laughed in their faces they became very angry. The people took the King captive and were able to kill off most of his army in the process.
  • End of the Uprising

    End of the Uprising
    The Uprising was finally ending and the people were going to get what they really wanted, freedom from the crown. With all the King's followers already fled from the country or beheaded; all that was left was the crowned tyrant himself. This was the last day of the uprising and the last day the King would be alive. He was beheaded in the middle of the town in front of the entire country. Cheers were heard all around as his head rolled and true freedom was felt across the country.
  • Dawn of A New Day

    Dawn of A New Day
    With the final beheading awhile ago the people had been celebrating their new found freedom. However, the celebrations came to a halt as the last meeting of the Uprising met to discuss the future of Whismania. Declaring they wanted every citizen to have a say in what was done within their government. They were no longer known as the Uprising but as the Direct Democracy. No one person would have more power than another and they would all have a say in their country.