The Journey Of Me Experiencing The World

Timeline created by msaab
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    On July 8 2004 was the day that I was born in. On that day I will be starting the journey of my life expeireincing the world.
  • Paula Danziger

    Paula Danziger deid on July 8 2004. She was an American author. She was born in Washington D.C. She had 3 brothers and 1 sister.
  • The First Step I Walked

    On September 5 2007 was the first step I had walked and this is the day I started taking my first steps.
  • Jennifer Dunn

    Jennifer Dunn deid on September 5 2007.She was an American politican. She was born in Seattle,Washington.
  • My Brothers Birth

    On October 27 2009 was when my brother was born.A brother mean sharing with each others,caring about each others,respecting each others.
  • David Shephard

    David Shephard deid on October 27 2009.He was a cricket umpire. He was born in Bideford,England.He has 1 brother.
  • My Graduation Day

    On April 20 2010 was my graduation party. I am going to higher level and harder knowledge and more focus.
  • Dorothy Height

    Dorothy Height deid on April 20 2010.She was an American educator.She was born in Richmond,Virginia.
  • Swimming Lessons

    On May 5 2013 was when I started my first swimming lesson. It takes away fear of water and getting to be healthier.
  • Alan Arnell

    Alan Arnell deid on May 5 2013.He was an english footballer.He was born in Chichester,England.
  • Good Bye Party ):

    Good Bye Party ):
    On May 28 2013 was my good bye party in Jeddah. It was my last week in Jeddah. I left all my memories and friends and I feel so sad leaving my freinds and my school and all the important stuff I had.
  • Eddie Arent

    Eddie Arent deid on May 28 2013.He was a German actor.He was born in Danzig.
  • First Day At AIS-R

    First Day At AIS-R
    On August 25 2013 was the first day in Riyadh in AIS-R. AIS-R stands for being Ethical,Adaptable,Global,Learning,and Enviromental.
  • Ciril Bergles

    Ciril Bergles deid on August 25 2013.He was a slovene poet.He was born in Yugoslavia.