The evolution of the English language

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    East India Company

    Queen Elizabeth I founded East India Company in 1600. English became the language used for trading. The popularity of English helped to create two new languages; Binglish and Hinglish. These are mixtures of Bengali and English and Hindi and English.
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    Triangle trade

    The slave trade began in the 17th century and one part of the slave trade was called the triangle trade. The ships loaded up in Britain with guns and manufactured goods and sailed for West Africa. The goods were then exchanged for African slaves and the slaves where sold at auctions in the Caribbean.
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    Before 1788, there were approximately 250 languages spoken throughout Australia. The 'First Fleet' arrived in Port Jackson and consisted of 11 ships and held about 780 English people, mostly criminals. The Early settlers in Australia tended to lose their regional British accents. As a result, there are few variations in accent and word usage across the whole of Australia.