The Boy On The Wooden Box_Theoden Melgar

Timeline created by Theoden
  • Relocation

    Summary: Leon's family relocates to Kraków. Leon ventures and explores the new environment excitedly. Development: Positive - Leon can explore the city, and he finds happiness in being situated in an unfamiliar environment like the city. Relevance To Theme: This sets his initial identity of being of a carefree young boy.
  • Invasion

    Summary: German soldiers invade Kraków. After invading, some soldiers, following the ideology all Jews were rich, beat and imprison Leon's father because they thought he was hoarding money. Character Development: Negative - Leon sees the cruelty of people on display, and he begins to lose the happiness in living. Relevance to Theme: This relates to the theme because experiencing oppression changes Leon into a dejected and sad character instead of his initial character traits.
  • Father's Release and Meeting Oskar Schindler

    Father's Release and Meeting Oskar Schindler
    Summary: After weeks of imprisonment, Leon's father is released. He finds a job with Oskar Schindler. Leon is relieved and overjoyed. Character Development: Positive - Having Leon's father return greatly lifts his downcast spirit and allows him to have hope for the future. Relevance To Theme: The event of having his father back makes him optimistic. He now has an optimistic identity.
  • The Ghetto

    The Ghetto
    Summary: All Jews are deported to the Kraków ghetto. In June, Tsalig is taken away to a labor camp. Leon constantly grieves afterwards. Character Development: Negative - Having Tsalig taken away truly hurt Leon. He holds the grief of losing Tsalig forever, and he has the hopeless point of view now. Relevance To Theme: Leon has a sorrowful identity now due to the hardship of losing his brother.
  • Plaszów

    Summary: After years of Jews in the ghetto declining, Leon is brought to a labor camp. Leon experiences great suffering during this time, being forced to do physical tasks. Character Development: Negative - After years in the ghetto, Leon is deported to a labor camp. He suffers greatly and almost loses all hope of survival. Relevance To Theme: Leon adopts a hopeless identity due to the horrible environment and small chances of survival.
  • Schindler Jews

    Schindler Jews
    Summary: Schindler built a sub camp possessing better conditions. He handpicked certain Jews, and Leon's family was included. Leon begins to hope they may survive the war. Character Development: Positive - Leon is reunited with his family, and there are more favorable living conditions. He is hesitantly hopeful because the situation is improving. Relevance To Theme: Leon adopts a more hopeful identity because he's experiencing more favorable conditions. The experience of reuniting helps him.
  • Gross Rosen and Brünlitz

    Gross Rosen and Brünlitz
    Summary: The Schindler factory is relocated to Brünlitz. However, his Jews undergo a humiliating experience in Gross Rosen, Jews were assigned numbers and poor conditions, before arriving at Brünlitz. Leon is spent and yearns for liberation more than ever. Character Development: Negative - Leon undergoes brutal treatment. He still nurses the hope of liberation, but he questions if he will live long enough. Relevance To Theme: The hardships of Gross Rosen make Leon adopt a spent identity.
  • After Liberation and The Holocaust

    After Liberation and The Holocaust
    Summary: Leon is liberated, then immigrates to America. He holds the horrors of the Holocaust for the rest of his life. Turning Point: Leon is liberated, and he's finally looking up to the future due to the opportunities accessible after liberation. Relevance To Theme: After all of his hardships, Leon is a changed man. From his once careless personality, he now possesses a wistful point of view and great appreciation for the future.
  • Theme

    Each hardship or experience a person has changes their identity.