road to religious freedom

Timeline created by 197433
  • Religious Requirements 4 Voting

    You had to be a man and a active member of the church to vote
  • Pilgrims

    a religious group that came to america on the mayflower that was also blown off course. The pilgrims were tolerant of other people's religions and were nice to the natives.
  • maryland

    this was land that a man by the name of lord baltimore gave the purpose of it being refuge for the persecuted and fleeing christians.
  • puritans

    A religious that was fleeing because they wanted to shape the angelican church to their satisfaction and did not allow religious freedom.
  • more dissent in mass bay

    when roger williams started preaching he separation of state and church. He said that the church should not be supported by tax dollars.
  • Dissent in mass bay

    when anne hutchinson got kicked out for questioning something about predestination in the bible.
  • Quakers

    They were people who believed in total equality. they started developing religious equality.
  • great awakening

    when religious freedom started developing in the colonies and started taking interest in religion
  • Virginia Statues 4 Religious Freedom

    you had to live in a certain area for this to apply to you