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  • My first book

    My first book
    The first time I read I book it changed me. It opened my eyes to new ideas and world and make me curious about life.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    Middle School was one of the best time sof my life and one of the hardest. Beeing forced to change school, I was made to get out of my comfort zone; something I had never done before. It was this expirience that made me accept change as something good and to realize that every new day is another chance to learn something new.
  • Trip to New York

    Trip to New York
    The first time I went that far into the United States thought me many things. I already knew English, but hearing it all the time was really something. The culture is really different so I had several shcoks during the trip. I liked how in New York there are people from all kinds of places and that thaught me just how different we all are.
  • Trip to Europe

    Trip to Europe
    The first time i went to Europe, I learned a lot. The best way to get knowledge is b y travelling. It was a culture completely different, it was a place with so many different things from Mexico that it made me open my eyes to what we lack here. Seeing how global Europe is made me wonder why we don't have that in here. That is, cretainly, a thing I will work to change in Mexico.
  • Trip to Chiapas

    Trip to Chiapas
    Sometimes, while travelling through your own country you can also learn. When I went to Chiapas I was struck, not only by its beauty (which was slightly damaged by the past earthquakes), but by the poverty there is. Having seen other places like the USA and Europe made me see more deeply this problem. Children working, adults suffering in the cold it makes you realize that change must be made and what better way than awareness.
  • Class with the french students

    Class with the french students
    We had an interactive class with some students in France last semester. This interactive class allowed us to see a glimpse of the way the havce classes in France and how different they are from ours.
  • German & French classes

    Learning a language is also a way to communicate with a culture. By knowing another language you can learn about a culture more deeply.
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    I enter hawaiano when I was really young, and I still continue today. It was my first approach to another culture. We don't just learn how to dance, we learn the language, the myths and the traditions. I think it was one of the first times i was actually multicultural.
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    UN Models

    In a UN Model you have the opportunity to see the global perspective. You are able to see global problems and the unique way they affect each country. not only thta, you are able to see these problems from the perspectives of the countries. it really helps you see how different cultures deal with different things and how samll things affect us all.
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    I think a part of being multicultural is to be willing to push the boundaries of what you know and that is what I did. I have always wanted to learn piano, but I was simply to afraid of doing it. Now that I am learning it I don't regret it. Music is an universal language, one we can use to communicate and express ourselves in every country. It is something that I think we should all learn to appreciate.
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    Tec (and the multicultural program)

    Entering Tec and the multicultural program proved to be a great challenge. I left all my friends behind and entered a new school and a program very different from the ones I have had. It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot. I expect to continue growing as a multicultural person and I know that I am very gratefull for all I have learnt.