Molly Pitcher

Timeline created by masonhopkins
  • Molly Pitcher was born

    Molly Pitcher was born
    Molly Pitcher's name was not actually Molly Pitcher. Her real name is Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley. She got the name from carrying pitchers of water for the soldiers.
  • Molly moved to work as a servant

    Molly moved to work as a servant
    Molly moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to work as a domestic servant
  • Molly gets married!

    Molly gets married!
    Here Molly got married to a local barber named John Casper Hays on July 24, 1769 when she was only 15!!!!
  • the declaration was sighned.

    the declaration was sighned.
    on this day, the declaration was approved. Mlly had nothing to do with this but it was an important time to the whole united states.
  • Molly joins her husband

    Molly joins her husband
    Molly joined her husband as a camp follower during the Philadelphia Campaign (1777-1778) in New Jersey during the Revolutionary War.
  • The battle of Monomouth!

    The battle of Monomouth!
    Her actions during the Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778, became legendary.
  • Moving back, death, and re-marrying

    On april 26 1783 Molly returned to Pennsylvania where, after her huband John Hays died, she remarried to a war veteran named John McCauley.
  • George Washington becomes president

    George Washington becomes president
    April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797 george washington was priesident!
  • She's Rich!!!!

    She's Rich!!!!
    In 1822, the legislature of Pennsylvania awarded Molly Pitcher forty dollars and an annual commission of the same amount during her lifetime!
  • Molly Pitcher Died

    Molly Pitcher Died
    Molly Pitcher died when she was 98 which was a long time because she lived in a hard time period.