KiriBaku & TodoDekuRaka

Timeline created by KurtsyLynn
  • UA Graduation

  • Sidekick Careers Begin

  • Hibito's Birthday!

  • TodoDeku becomes Official

  • Deku Transfers to Lemillion Hero Agency

    Mirio had to buy him out of the last few months of his initial contract with original agency. He's willing to do this, because he trusts Deku and his reputation will bring his agency more attention. Plans to move him up to Hero as soon as possible.
  • Shouto Transfers to Creati Hero Agency

    Momo has to wait for his initial Sidekick contract to expire, but Shouto planned this move since the beginning of the year. He doesn't really care for his first agency.
  • Uravity Transfers to Lemillion's Agency

    Deku helps to set this up after Ochaco reveals that she's pretty miserable at her current agency.
  • Deku transitions to Hero

  • Uravity becomes Deku's Temporary Sidekick

  • Shouto transitions to Hero

    Momo has to push for this move. Shouto would prefer to stay a Sidekick for a while longer, but Momo needs a Big Name Hero to help her agency get off the ground well.
  • Hotaru's Birthday

    Hotaru has her Glow freckles at birth, but it has no consistent trigger or effect until her full Quirk manifests. Happens in a lot of short bursts for first couple months of life, then becomes incredibly rare.
  • Whirlwind Returns as Deku's Sidekick

  • Uravity transitions to Hero

    Mirio decides the agency needs more Rescue Heroes to round themselves out, so he promotes Ochaco.
  • DekuRavity Hero Duo Gains Traction

    Media starts paying attention to this Hero Duo any time they work together. The Internet LOVES them.
  • DekuRavity has a Massive Fanbase

    Shouto rarely sees either of them.
  • Hibito's Quirk Manifests

    Vocal Fry: Speaking causes anyone within earshot to feel immense pain.
    Only Hibito's father was in range when it manifested - he spent 2 weeks in the hospital recovering. His mother took him to a specialist to attempt to control his Quirk, but Hibito refused to speak so they never got far.
    The whole family learned JSL so Hibito could communicate. They're functionally fluent by August and only improve from there.
  • Deku starts plans for his own Agency

    He's very excited to open one with Shouto and talks about it with him often.
    Agency Rift begins to develop because Shouto distances himself from these discussions. He does not want to run an agency, but he doesn't want to upset Izuku by telling him this.
  • Shouto begins contemplating Retirement

  • Deku Nominated as the Hero to Watch

    Deku gets named as the Hero to Watch at the year's Hero Awards, which is a huge deal. He gets to accept it and make a speech and everything. Shouto helps him prepare and is supportive, but he's having a lot of bad feelings internally. He's beginning to worry all he and Deku have in common is Hero Work, so what will he happen if he actually retires, like he so wants to?
  • Hottest Hero Couples List Published

    IzuOcha and ShoMomo are both incorrectly included as couples. (HUGE mistake, as the list is only supposed to include confirmed, public relationships). Both non-couples have to have press releases denying their relationships.
    Shouto begins intensely isolating himself after - starts to convince himself Deku is going to leave him for Ochaco, especially once he retires and they have nothing in common anymore. Still supporting Deku, but not engaging much with him.
    Deku is just very confused.
  • Award Ceremony Argument

    Shouto does not attend the Award Ceremony with Deku, and they have a huge argument when he comes home. Shouto brings Ochaco into the argument and makes his issues about his loneliness and insecurities about Deku wanting to be with Ochaco (it's much more about Retirement, but he's still too scared they won't last after he retires and won't bring it up with Deku).
    Bad blow up - Deku probably spends the night with Ochaco. Shouto calls Momo and she comes over for the night. Leaves when Deku returns.
  • Award Ceremony Make-Up

    Ochaco and Momo team up to make sure the boys finally talk to each other. Shouto keeps the problem about his own loneliness and insecurities about Deku leaving him for Ochaco.
    They decide to move in with each other at the end of this talk, so they have more time to see each other. Both of them are super excited about this idea.
  • TodoDeku get an Apartment Together

  • Agency Argument

    Shouto confesses that he doesn't want to open an agency with Deku. Says it feels too much like Endeavor.
    Izuku is hurt but relieved the tension between them is gone. Decides to ask Ochaco instead, since she's always been enthusiatically supportive of his agency plans. Shouto is fine with this.
  • Deku Asks Uravity to Open an Agency Together

  • Deku's Terrible Interview

    Deku has an interview where his not-so-dead feelings for Ochaco are VERY apparent. The Internet goes wild, the Hottest Hero Couple article resurfaces, and talk of IzuOcha is EVERYWHERE.
    TodoDeku have never really gone public. They keep PDA to a minimum, and they don't really talk about the relationship. It's common knowledge that they live together, and most Heroes they work with know that they're a couple.
    The Internet is very convinced that IzuOcha have been a secret Item since UA.
  • Drunk!Shouto Visits Ochaco

    Confesses ALL of his insecurities to her. He's pretty sure Deku has always loved her more than him, and that they'll never last once he retires, but he wants to make sure Ochaco knows he doesn't blame her. He doesn't want to lose her friendship, too.
    Ochaco confesses that she broke up with Deku bc it was obvious how much he loved Shouto. She thinks he's wrong.
    Shouto just think the whole situation sucks, but it gets him thinknig.
  • Retirement Resolution / Polyship QA #1 (TD)

    Deku picked Shouto up from Ochaco's, tried to get him to talk, but Shouto insisted he was tired and needed to think. He distances himself for a week (Deku goes absolutely INSANE), to the point that he has to enlist Ochaco's help once he's ready to talk. She sends him home early.
    Shouto comes clean about wanting to retire and worrying that Deku will leave him once he does. But he can't do it anymore. Deku reassures him he loves Shouto, Pro Hero or not.
    Shouto asks if Deku knows what polyamory is.
  • Polyship QA #2 (TDO)

    Shouto and Izuku have been discussing polyamory and how it would work. Shouto thinks it'll be easy if it's with Ochaco - she's always been a balance in their lives. Shouto doesn't want to date her.
    After about a week, they approach Ochaco about it. Very awkwardly.
    Ochaco is shocked. She's very worried that this is something Izuku is forcing on Shouto, that Shouto doesn't think he's enough for Deku and is doing this to keep at least a small part of him. She needs time to think.
  • Polyship QA #3 (TO)

    After about a week, Ochaco has lunch with Shouto. She asks for his side, for what he wants from this. He tells her it was his idea, that he's fully on board, that he thinks they'll all be happier this way. That if Deku had to have feelings for anyone else besides him, he's glad it's her. He thinks this will be better than both of them deciding who Deku loves more for him.
    Ochaco leaves with so much more to think about.
  • Polyship QA #4 (DO)

    Ochaco talks to Izuku in his office a couple weeks later, when they're both finishing paperwork late at night. She makes him swear that this isn't an issue with Shouto's asexuality, that he's not doing this because Shouto isn't enough for him. He reassures her it's not.
    They talk about how his feelings for her never died - he just buried them for a while. He confesses he'd thought about polyamory before, but never thought Shouto would be okay with it.
  • IzuOcha = Official!

  • Ochaco Kidnapped by Spouse Hunter

    Because Angel's plot is rude and I am also rude.
    She's only kidnapped for a a day or two before TodoDeku bust enough skulls to track her down and save her.
  • DekuRavity Hero Agency Opens

  • Shouto asks Ochaco if he can marry Izuku

    Everything has been going so smoothly since they figured out their rules and how to communicate. They're all happier, their relationships are stronger - Shouto doesn't want to mess that up, so he assures her he doesn't need to if she's not ready for it, if it'll make things weird or hard for her. Also assures her he can divorce Deku if a wedding is important to her in the future, so long as he can keep his family name.
    Ochaco asks for time to think about it.
  • Friendship Rings

    Ochaco tells Shouto she's okay if he proposes to Deku, so long as he lets her help with planning it. "I thought that was implied."
    He also gives her a very nice ring, almost engagement level, as a symbol of his commitment to their friendship. She's become his closest friend, and he never wants their shared love of Izuku to overshadow that.
    She tears up and drags him to the mall to buy him one, as well. She wears it on a necklace at all times, even under her Hero costume. Shouto does the same.
  • TodoDeku Proposal

  • Shouto starts talking to Momo about Retirement

  • Hotaru's Quirk Manifests

    Her grandpa is SO proud that she inherited his family's Quirk and starts boasting about the Hero she will obviously grow to be. This is where her dream of being a Hero begins.
  • Ochaco Moves in with TodoDeku

    Ochaco originally wanted to give TodoDeku at least a few months to live together as a married couple before moving, but everything just works better with her around, so she moves in before the wedding happens.
    TodoDeku made sure their house had a Master Bedroom (Deku's room) as well as three other rooms - one for Shouto, one for Ochaco, and an office. They wanted their own rooms for nights they don't want to "intrude" on the other couple.
  • Hibito Visits 1st Potential Foster Family

    He's never asked back after the first visit.
    Happens again in March and April. After the April visit, he overhears the potential parents explain that they aren't equipped to help a mute boy with a dangerous Quirk. At this point, he stops trying to make a good impression on potential Foster Families.
  • Hotaru Enrolls in her 1st Martial Art

    She absolutely falls in love with it, and she gets good at it FAST with the help of her Quirk.
  • Pre-Engagement Ring, Part 1

    Deku has a special night out with just Ochaco in the midst of wedding planning. He gives her a ring, and tells her that she and Shouto are it for him, and he knows that at this point. He pulls a necklace out of his shirt with Shouto's engagement ring and a second, distinct engagement ring. When she gets to that point, all she needs to do is give back his ring, and they'll figure out how to get married, and he'll give her her ring.
    She wears Deku's band with Shouto's Friendship Ring from then on.
  • Hibito's Parents Die

    A villain specifically targets civillian housing, and Hibito's apartment building is the first to collapse. He and his mom were returning from grocery shopping, his dad was home.
    Hibito and his mom are trapped for nearly 24 hours before Uravity saves them - she becomes his favorite Hero forever.
    His mom dies on the way to the hospital. Hibito develops claustrophobia.
    Goes to a group home (Jingo is already there when Hibi arrives).
  • Shouto Meets Hibito

  • Pregnancy Scare

    Ochaco thinks she's pregnant, as she misses a period. She has Iida take her to the doctor to be sure, as she doesn't want to tell TodoDeku. She does NOT want to be pregnant, and luckily she isn't - just stress messing with her body from combination of Hero Work and Wedding Planning.
    Iida is great about it, but Shouto catches them coming back. He can tell something's up but doesn't push.
    Ochaco tells them a couple days later. They're both great about it, and she loves them for it.
  • Hibito & Shouto - 2nd Meeting

    Two weeks after first meeting.
    Shouto knows a very few basic signs in JSL, which means a lot to Hibito.
    Shouto decides to add an unofficial detour to his official patrol route.
  • TodoDeku Wedding

  • Jingo is Fostered

    Hibito no longer has anyone he can talk to at the Group Home (the lady running it is functional, but not someone Hibito likes to talk to).
  • Shouto's Patrol Route Chages

    By March, it's become such common knowledge that Shouto's patrol will end with an extra detour past Hibito's Group Home, that Momo just changes his route entirely - now he goes past the group home at the beginning and end of his Patrols.
    He sees Hibito at LEAST every other day, so long as he isn't working a specific case or caught up in a villain battle (Hibito immediately checks the news if Shouto doesn't show up, to make sure he's okay. It's the one thing he'll fight other kids over).
  • Children Discussions, Part I

    Deku brings up that ever since Ochaco's pregnancy scare, he's been thinking about starting a family (especially since some of their friends have all started having kids). Knows Ochaco doesn't wanna have bio kids, but wants to know if they'd consider fostering/adopting.
    Ochaco is 10,000% behind the idea, but Shouto is adamantly against it. He's too scared that he'll become Endeavor, or just be a bad parent in general.
    IzuOcha decide to make it their mission to convince him to start a family.
  • Shouto's Retirement is Announced

    Hibito is devastated - he thinks this means he'll never see Shouto again. He deliberately misses Shouto's Patrol time 3 days in a row. On the 4th, Shouto is held up by a villain attack that turns into a case. A Sidekick tells Hibito that he might be held up for a while.
    It's 2 weeks before Shouto can go back to his normal Patrol Route. He has a day off btwn end of case and seeing Hibito, and intends to see him, but there's a villain attack. The group home is destroyed.
  • Hibito's Group Home is Destroyed

    Villan attack by the group home the day Shouto goes to visit Hibito on his day off. Shouto jumps into help out of uniform, and once the situation is handled, he starts freaking out, trying to find Hibito. He's on the verge of a breakdown when someone confirms the Group Home was evacuated in time.
    Momo is there, handling reporters, and she steps away to send him home. She also calls DekuRavity to make sure someone can go be with him.
  • Shouto begins easing out of Hero Work

  • Hibito's Meet & Greet

    First Meet & Greet for Hibito for a long time. He's not excited until he walks in and sees Shouto. He runs and jumps into Shouto's arms.
    Izuku is also there. They don't bring Ochaco along, only because they don't want to complicate things. (TodoDeku is public knowledge at this point, but not IzuOcha. They just don't want to deal with the "scandal" Deku dating them both will cause.)
    Set up his first visit for second weekend of January.
  • Hibito Moves In

    Hibito moves in full time with the Midoriyas.
    His whole world is rocked when he finds out Ochaco LIVES with them. Shouto is amused, because he knew this would be huge for Hibito.
    This whole process went super fast, because Deku helped push it aong. Plus, the old group home director puts in a good word about how Shouto has had a relationship with Hibito for over a year.
  • Hotaru's Father Dies

    Her father's plane crashes while he's on his way home from a business trip.
  • Hotaru's Dad's Funeral

    Throughout the course of the funeral, social workers try and fail to locate her mother, bc her grandpa is deemed unable to properly care for her. When they cant find her, she has to move into a group home and her grandpa has to move into an assisted living facility.
  • Hotaru Moves into the Group Home

    Her grandpa gives her a Shouto plushie before she leaves, saying that he knows she'll always be safe if she keeps him with her, since Shouto saved him.
    Hotaru gets to visit her grandpa 2x/month (if she behaves).
    Hotaru does NOT get along with the other kids, and she rarely makes it through the a full night w iui th prospective Foster Parents. She also runs away a LOT.
  • Hotaru Runs Away - Part I

    Horaru runs away during the first night of her visit.
  • Hotaru Visits 1st Potential Foster Family

    She only makes a good impression on them because she thinks they'll be easier to run away from.
  • Hotaru Visits 2nd Potential Foster Family

    She likes this family. Gets along with the kid pretty well. Decides maybe she'll try to live with them.they aren't so bad.
  • Hotaru Runs Away - Part II

    After moving in, her foster family makes her stop taking her martial art and begins to discourage her from pursuing a career as a hero. They tell her it's too dangerous for girls, especially when she doesnt have a quirk very suited for Heroics.
    Hotaru runs away again, because she doesnt wanna stay with a family that won't let her be a hero.
  • Period: to

    Uravity Sidekicks for Deku

    Deku's original Sidekick gets injured on a patrol, and Uravity gets brought on as his Sidekick while she heals (Whirlwind).
    DekuRavity becomes a tag. They slowly gain popularity, but their Duo Status growth is paused when Whirlwind returns.
  • Period: to

    DekuRavity Hero Duo gains popularity

    Deku & Uravity get a lot of media attention as a Hero Duo at Lemillion's agency.
    Shouto begins seeing very little of either of them.
  • Period: to

    Agency Rift

  • Period: to

    Retirement Rift

    Shouto comes to terms with wanting to retire, and what that might mean for his relationship with Izuku (he's afraid they won't have a reason to stay together if they don't have Hero Work in common). He increasingly isolates himself. Many of their Rifts during this time are a byproduct of this main issue.
  • Period: to

    Award Ceremony Rift

  • Period: to

    Angel's Potential Spouse Hunter Plot

    Because TodoDekuRaka and KiriBaku aren't suffering enough at this point.
  • Period: to

    Polyship Drama

    A lot of speculation about TodoDekuRaka's relationship is floating around. Eventually, the three of them talk to each other and decide that TodoDeku and IzuOcha can be a thing at the same time.
  • Period: to

    "Cheating" Scandal Mini-Rift

  • Period: to

    Polyship Rules Negotiation (TDO)

  • Period: to

    TodoDeku Engagement

  • Period: to

    Search for Hibito

    IzuOcha agree to help find Hibito, but the foster agency makes it hard (won't give info about any children to anyone who isn't Fostering).
    Deku secretly signs up to foster Hibito in mid/late November, though the paperwork will take a while to process. He plans to spring the idea on Shouto as a Christmas present, if they haven't found Hibito by then.
    For Christmas, Shouto tells IzuOcha he'll foster if they foster Hibito. He cries when Deku tells him he has a Meet&Greet set up already.
  • Period: to

    Hotaru is the Problem Child of the Group Home

    She continues running away from Foster Families as well as the group home. She gets into fights with the other kids almost daily. She's generally hard to handle.