Isabel II

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  • Isabel II was born in Mayfair (London).

  • Her first official overseas visit.

    She celebrated her 21st birthday on a tour of South Africa.
  • She got married

    Elizabeth got married in Westminster Abbey on 20 November 1947. Her husband Prince Philip was the son of Prince Andrew of Greece.
  • Prince Charles born.

    Prince Charles born.
    When she was 22 the Queen's first child Prince Charles was born.
  • Princess Anne was born.

  • She became the Queen.

    Her father died of cancer and Princess Elizabeth became the Queen.
  • Crowning

    Her coronation took place in Westminster Abbey.
  • Prince Andrew was born.

  • Prince Edward was born.

  • Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House
    The spectacular Sydney Opera House in Australia is officially opened by The Queen.
  • A sad year

    The Queen's younger sister Princess Margaret died following a long illness.
    Soon afterwards, the Queen mother died.
    During that year she also marked her Jubilee, spending 50 years on the throne.