India Independence Movement

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  • Gandhi in England

    Gandhi in England
    Gandhi, at age 19, goes to England to study law.
  • Gandhi Returns to India

    Gandhi Returns to India
    Sets up his own law practice, but soon joined an Indian law firm in South Africa.
  • Non-Violence & Civil Disobedience

    Non-Violence & Civil Disobedience
    Through inspiration of the Transcendentalists, he preached "ahimsa" (nonviolence). Thought he could convert any wrongdoer to do the right thing with his beliefs. He used this tactic to rebel against British rule, even though it would entail a lot of sacrifice and suffering from the Indian people.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    A peaceful crowd entered the heart of the city of Amritsar. A British commander banned public meetings, so when this large group arrived, he ordered his men to open dire, killing 379 and injuring 1,100.
  • Boycotts of British Goods

    Boycotts of British Goods
    Called for the boycotts (no purchasing) of British goods. Gandhi wanted the Indians to wear only cotton grown and woven in India, so people wouldn't have to purchase through the British.
  • The Salt March

    The Salt March
    Gandhi wanted to end the British salt monopoly, since it crippled the poor and showed how oppresive Britain really was. Salt was a necessity, but the Indians were forced to only buy the salt of the British. Gandhi and a few of his followers marched to the sea (where salt was), gaining supporters on the way. He was arrestedand went to jail for this protest.
  • Separate Muslim State

    Separate Muslim State
    The Muslim League, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, wanted a separate state for Muslims. They would call their new state "Pakistan".
  • WWII

    India was soon to gain independence, but then WWII broke out, slowing efforts. Indian leaders would have to postpone their efforts until after the war. Many Indians were angered by this and rebelled. There was, however, a portion of the Indians who supported and fought with Britian in the war.
  • After WWII

    After WWII
    India wanted to gain its independence right after the war ended, but the Muslim and Indian conflict got worse.
  • Two States

    Two States
    The Muslim League pushed for a new state. The Riots that broke out between the Muslims and Hindus convinced Britian to split up India into two parts, India and Pakistan.
  • Tragedy Unfolds

    Tragedy Unfolds
    After the borders were drawn, many Indians and Muslims had to immgrate to their desired country. However, both countries would kill the opposing refugees, resulting in about a million deaths.
  • Gandhi Is Killed

    Gandhi Is Killed
    He was killed by a Hindu extremist. His death caused most of the violence between the Hindus and the Muslims to end, but some animosity continued.