India From The 1600 to Present Day Timeline

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  • East India Company is Formed in England

    East India Company is Formed in England
    Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter to the East India Company establishing trading posts in cities across India.
  • The Battle of Plassey

    The Battle of Plassey
    Robert Clive, an official of the East India Company, lead forces which defeated the Mughal governor of Bengal.
  • The Sepoy Rebellion

    The Sepoy Rebellion
    This is known as the first war of Indian independence. British created an army using Indian soldiers, known as sepoys. Since the British people were unhappy with the British rule the Sepoy revolted and fought against the British.
  • India Under British Rule

    India Under British Rule
    Because of the sepoy rebelion the East India Company's powers were taken over by the British government and India became a part of the Indian empire
  • Indian National Congress (Nationalism)

    Indian National Congress (Nationalism)
    There was emerging nationalist feel in India.
  • World War One

    World War One
    India helped The British defeat Germany in the first world war. Indians were hoping that would help gain their freedom from the British.
  • The Amritsar Massacre

    The Amritsar Massacre
    Indian people gathered to discuss about how they can gain freedom from the British through peaceful means. When a British General ordered his men to lock all the exits and kill everyone in the meeting place.
  • Gandhi Becomes Nationalist Leader

    Gandhi Becomes Nationalist Leader
    Gandhi returned to India from South Africa as hero and he wanted to fix the major problems in India by starting with getting the British to leave.
  • Non-cooperation Movement

    Non-cooperation Movement
    Protestors would refuse to buy British goods, adopt the use of local handicrafts, picket liquor shops, and try to uphold the Indian values of honour and integrity.
  • Gandhi's Salt March

    Gandhi's Salt March
    Gandhi walked for days to get to the coast of India to harvest salt. This was said to be the most Important nationalist movement because the British taxed salt so harvesting it was illegal. The British beat those you sold or gave away "illegal" which the rest of the world frowned apon.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    The United Kingdom declared war on Germany and World War 2 began. India was forced to fight with The UK against Germany.
  • The Quit India Act

    The Quit India Act
    Since the British needed Indian support for fighting World War II they initiated negotiations with the Indian National Congress for a phased withdrawal from India, which failed. "The Quit India Act" was Gandhi's idea of civil disobedience to make the British leave.
  • Partition of India

    Partition of India
    Two separate countries were created when the British decided to leave Subcontinent. India became a secular country while Pakistan became an Islamic republic.
  • Independance of India

    Independance of India
    India gained independence and the Indian flag was hoisted. Pakistan gained Independence a day earlier.
  • Gandhi Assassinated

    Gandhi Assassinated
    A Hindu fundamentalist who opposed Gandhi’s decision to split India shot Gandhi, during his prayer meeting in New Delhi.
  • New Indian Constitution

    A new Indian Constitution was ratified and Jawaharlal Nehru became the Indian first prime minister.
  • Creation of Bangladesh

    Creation of Bangladesh
    East Pakistan became Bangladesh with Dhaka as its capital. The reason for this was cultural differences between the two Pakistans.