Independencia de América Latina

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In History
  • Haiti and Sto Domingo

  • Brazil

    1807: Napoleon invaded Portugal, Juan VI took refuge in Brazil
    1815: Juan VI promoted a legal reform - Brazil: the territorial base of the "Empire of Brazil, Portugal and the Algarve".
    1821: Juan VI returned to Portugal, leaving his son Pedro de Braganza as governor of Brazil.
    1822: He proclaimed himself emperor of Brazil.
    1831: He abdicated and was succeeded by his son, Pedro II.
    1889: Portugal recognized its independence.
  • Napoleon in Spain

  • Ecuador

  • America Sovereign Juntas

  • México

  • Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

  • Chile

  • New Granada and Venezuela

  • Peru

  • Central America

  • Independence war End

  • Cuba

  • Puerto Rico

    1868: the Scream of Lares.
    The rebellion is crushed in a short time.
    Puerto Rico continues within the Spanish system until the war between EE. UU and Spain.
    Puerto Rico is still administered by EE. UU and is currently an associated free state of that country .
    Consequently, it is not an independent country.