History of Chicago's Alleys

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In History
  • When were alleys made

    Alleys have been part of Chicago's physical fabric since the beginning of the 19 century.
  • Grid

    the young federal government to break up the land was section it into squares. Made it possible for them to apply allies.
  • Providing service

    Alleys were laid all 58 blocks of the Illinois & Michigan Canal commissioners' original town plat in 1830, providing rear service access to property facing the main streets.
  • The Benefits

    Alleys were useful for keeping the working parts of urban life out of site
  • needs

    The Chicago alleys were laid out for the practical needs of the city.
  • wood block pavement

    Wood block pavement were used for alleys. called Samuel Nicolson for he was the superintendent of Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation when he invented the process.
  • replacing

    wood block was replaced with brick or Belgian Block paving schemes
  • Alleys everywhere

    98 percent of the city's residential blocks had alleys
  • help transit

    forms the back bone of our transit system; trash and cars
  • historical places

    wooden paved alleys were added in historical places