History of Abnormal Psychology

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  • 1,300 BCE

    Stone Age

    During the Stone Age, Europe and in the Americas, it was believed that evil spirits caused mental illnesses or abnormal behaviors. The most common treatment during this time period was trepanation. Trepanation was the chipping away at a skull to leave a whole so evil spirits could escape.
  • 1400

    Enlightened view

    People started to believe mental or stress gains momentum, and depression are regard by some disorder
  • 1500

    Psychological functioning

    Paracelsus suggested that the moon and the starts, affected people's psychological functioning
  • Philippe Pinel

    Philippe Pinel introduced moral therapy and creates French mental institutions.
  • Humane treatment

    Dorthy Dix successfully campaigns for more humane treatment in the U.S mental institutions.
  • John P. Grey

    John Grey believes insanity is the result of physical causes, thus de-emphasizing psychological treatments.
  • Diagnosis

    Emil Kraepelin classifies various psychological disorders from a biological point of view and publishes work on diagnosis.