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  • Jul 14, 1099

    Jerusalem Is Taken, 1st Crusade

    Jerusalem Is Taken, 1st Crusade
    Did You Know~? When Jerusalem was taken the French Cloth Industry was planted in the Holy-land. Flooding Europe with cool Egyptian cotton some colored in Red over the next two centuries.. Was it the challis of Jesus the Templar's found~? We don't think so.. What Did They Find~? We have a pretty good idea.. (
  • Jan 1, 1128

    Sir Osbern Gardiner

    Sir Osbern Gardiner
    Did You Know~? "Sir Osbern Gardiner, St. Primus filius, Lord of the Manor of Orrell on Douglas River in Wigan Parish, West Derby Hundred, County Palatine, of Lancaster." He was born about 1128, in the reign of Henry I. The family is of Anglo-Saxon origin, but is, "by intermarriage, also descended from several distinguished Norman families, whose progenitors' names are inscribed in the Battle Abbey Roll of the Knights of William the Conqueror. (
  • Sep 20, 1187

    Jerusalem Is Lost

    Jerusalem Is Lost
    Did You Know~? Sir Osbern Le Jardin is Knight of the Body to King Baldwin of Jerusalem is (Sir Osbern Gardiner) The family appears to be living on Hospitaller land grants on the Welsh Marches at Wigan.. Are these two one in the same~? They may just be. (
  • Dec 24, 1189

    Plantation of Acre

    Plantation of Acre
    Did You Know~? The Gardiner Family Played A Key Roll..
  • Jan 1, 1227

    Knights of St Thomas of Acre -

    Knights of St Thomas of Acre -
    Did You Know~? The Gardiner family is closely tied to the Knights of St Thomas. Where did the Gardiner clan come from~? The answer will surprise you.
  • Jan 1, 1314

    The Staple Market

    The Staple Market
    The Crown now requires wool and other materials for export be sold in a staple market.. Trade can now be monitored and taxed.
  • Jan 1, 1347

    Plantation of Calais,

    Plantation of Calais,
    Did You Know~? Free Lancer Armies of the Woolman.. Establish the Plantation of Calais, Mercers Staple of Calais is created,
  • Jan 1, 1348

    Black Death - Bubonic Plague

    Black Death - Bubonic Plague
    The Black Death has reached England. Bubonic plague kills up to 60% of the entire population and as much as 3/4 of some wool towns. This appears to be very bad.. On the contrary~? A man's labor now has value and without peasants~? The end of feudalism soon follows.. Lords and Ladies now having to work their own lands to get by.
  • Oct 24, 1485

    Sir William Gardiner

    Sir William Gardiner
    Did You Know~? Sir William Gardyner was married to Ellen Tudor, Daughter of the King Maker, Jasper Tudor.. Sir Wyllyam Gardynyr killed King Richard the III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. (
  • Dec 24, 1489

    Sir Richard Gardiner

    Sir Richard Gardiner
    Did You Know~? Alderman Richard Gardyner was inexplicably chosen by City of London to officially greet newly Crowned King Henry VII riding out to meet him before entering the City.. Why was Alderman Richard Gardener Chosen for this important task~? We Know Why.. (
  • Feb 1, 1503

    Young Henry VIII, Age 11

    Young Henry VIII, Age 11
    Did You Know~? King VIII was known as defender of the faith.. As Henry's personal Chaplin, Thomas Gardener who's father Killed Richard III, would have been instrumental in laying the foundation of that faith..
  • Dec 1, 1542

    Thomas Gardiner, Personal Chaplin, King Henry VIII

    Thomas Gardiner, Personal Chaplin, King Henry VIII
    Did You Know~? The son of the Sir William Gardiner was Thomas Gardiner, King's chaplain, son and heir, born in London say 1479. Personal Chaplin of young Henry VIII.. Thomas Gardiner's father was found with King Richards Crown.. He was Knighted on the Battlefield.. Did Sir William Deliver The Mortal Blow? Current Research Suggests~? Yes.. Thomas was Patron of Lady Mary Boleyn the Queens Sister.. (
  • Nov 12, 1555

    Dr Stephen Gardiner Bishop of Winchester

    Dr Stephen Gardiner Bishop of Winchester
    Did You Know~? Dr Steven Gardyner was a Lawyer before he was the Bishop of Winchester.. Archbishop Steven Gardyner who wrote the legal opinion that canon law supports mans right to speak to God directly.. He took the opinion and argued his position at most major Universities of the known world.. The vast majority were in Agreement with the Doctors position. This opinion was then inserted into English common law.. Reformation Was Born~! Legally Speaking..
  • Sir Walter Raleigh

    Sir Walter Raleigh
    Did You Know~? The Gardiner Family were some of the primary investors of Sir Walter Raleigh and many of the North American Plantations..
  • William Shakespeare, Dies

    William Shakespeare, Dies
    Did You Know~? William Gardiner 1597 had a long complex relationship with William Shakespeare. The Gardiner family owned Bermondsey Grange Theater.. The Queen Ordered William Gardiner to burn every theater in London to the ground. William Gardiner is Justice Shallow in the Mary Wives of Windsor. There's way more to this Story.. Gardiner, Shakespeare and DeVere we're all once very close . (
  • The Mayflower

    The Mayflower
    Did You Know~? The Gardiner Family owned the Mayflower and many other Ships.
  • Thomas Gardner, Cape Ann - Salem, Ma

    Thomas Gardner, Cape Ann - Salem, Ma
    Did You Know~? Thomas Gardner, Planter, may have been a Quaker..
  • Sir Christopher Gardiner, Salem Ma

    Sir Christopher Gardiner, Salem Ma
    Did You Know~? Sir Christopher Gardiner, Knight of the Holy Sepulcher is in the wilderness of North America running for his life. The English Civil War has reached the new world.. Puritan authorities are hot on Sir Christopher's tail. The King orders him returned to England in a manor befitting his station.. What ever happened to Sir Christopher Gardyner~? We think we've found him.. (
  • Richard Gardiner, St Richards Plantation, Maryland, Puritan Uprising Maryland

    Richard Gardiner, St Richards Plantation, Maryland, Puritan Uprising Maryland
    Did You Know~? Richard Gardiner's, Plantation, St Richards was attacked and burned by the Puritans. The family thought killed~? Was taken in chains back to England and Imprisoned for being Catholics. This however isn't the end of this story. They return, and this time? They're ready to do Battle, Why were the Puritans after the Gardiner Family~? The answer will not only surprise you.. It points to why our collective family business was being done with great secrecy..
  • London Burns

    London Burns
    Did You Know~? The great fire of 1666 leveled London and many fortunes were lost and made. Our Kinsman losing everything were forced to start again in poverty on the plantations they once managed.
  • Hudson Bay Company, Founded

    Hudson Bay Company,  Founded
    The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay Company
  • John Gardner, Quaker, Arrives, River Schuylkill, West Jersey

    John Gardner, Quaker,  Arrives, River Schuylkill, West Jersey
    Did You Know~? The cradle of Quakerism, Jordan's Meeting House is located on the estate once owned by the Gardiner family. The Vache Estate at St Giles Chalfont, England.. William Gardiner tomb is within site of William Penn's grave. Many famous explorers were hosted at the Vache.. Raleigh, Cook, Cabot, Drake, Hudson and Admiral Penn. It's also no coincidence the Gardiner family were primary investors of many Merchant Adventurers. Exploration and plantation of the new empire.
  • John Gardner, Arrives to Mount Joy, Donegal, Pa

    John Gardner, Arrives to Mount Joy, Donegal, Pa
    John Gardiner, Gentalmen arrives in Donegal Pa from West Jersey in 1718 followed by his brother Peter Gardiner in 1720 and Christian in 1721, He set's a mill and post on on Little Chickes Creek.. William Gardiner half breed is born. He soon moves with the Indians to Little Breeches Creek.. Vice Count Luke Gardner and John Gardner appear to be kinsman..
    John is the second most taxed man in Donegal.. Why~? The answer is not what people would think.
  • John Gardner, Mill on Yellow Breeches Creek,

    John Gardner, Mill on Yellow Breeches Creek,
    John Gardner Esquire of York makes purchase and upgrades the mill at Yellow Breeches Creek.. John Gardner also has some half breed children.. William Gardiner 1725. His Kinsman Indian Trader George Croghan frequently travels to London addressing Parliament on issues of Indian relations and trade on the Plantation.
  • George Washington, Fort Necessity

    George Washington, Fort Necessity
    Did You Know~? William Gardner 1725, Was a half breed Indian wounded saving Lt George Washington from French Sharpshooters at Ft Necessity. He was evacuated to John Gardner's Mill on Little Breeches Creek, Near Carlisle, Pa by Indian Trader, James Latort. William Gardner isn't allowed to attend church because he has two wives. (
  • Battle of Quebec, Ensign John Gardner

    Battle of Quebec, Ensign John Gardner
    Did You Know~? Ensign John Gardner, Cumberland Rifleman was captured at the Battle of Quebec.. Now in a British prison, he's got big problems.. The British are not calling him a Patriot.. They're calling him a Terrorist and they're torturing the men to death one by one.. Filling the defensive trenches of the city with their corpses.. Ensign Gardner has a plan, and decides to make a run for it.. Running 850 miles through the snowy wilderness to his home in Sherman's Valley, Cumberland Co, Pa..
  • Prison Ship - Carswell Gardiner - Washington's Bodyguard

    Prison Ship - Carswell Gardiner -  Washington's Bodyguard
    Did You Know~? Carswell was captured during the early 1776 engagements. He now finds himself branded a terrorist and being held on a British prison ship in Boston Harbor. Now emaciated from starvation he see's his one chance and takes it.. The Patriot squeezes through a port window and jumps down onto a sloop delivering supplies. Commandeering the vessel he sets sail south..
  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War
    Did You Know~? Carswell Gardiner of Massachusetts is General George & Martha Washington's personal lifeguard throughout the revolution. He appears to be connected to the Pennsylvania Gardner's and retires in York County Pa..
  • Luke Gardiner, Vice Count Mount Joy, Vice Treasurer of Ireland.

    Luke Gardiner, Vice Count Mount Joy, Vice Treasurer of Ireland.
    Did You Know~? Vise Count, Treasurer of Ireland Luke Gardiner is on the floor of Irish Parliament supporting the American Revolution.. He's directing millions of pounds in cash as well as sending men and materials in support of the cause.. How were George Washington and Luke Gardiner connected~? We were wondering the same thing~? (
  • Hugh Glass, Mountain Man is Killed by Arikara Indians..

    Hugh Glass, Mountain Man is Killed by Arikara Indians..
    Did You Know~? Johnson Gardiner was thought to have came west with Huge Glass.. Johnson hunted down Hugh's killers and avenged his Murder.. We know this story as the Revenant. In 1839, Edmund Flagg provided the record of Johnson Gardner’s demise when he stated that: “Not long afterwards Gardiner himself fell into the hands of the Erickeraws, who inflicted upon him the same dreadful death.”
  • Battle of Vicksburg, Washington W Gardner

    Battle of Vicksburg, Washington W Gardner
    Did You Know? W.W. Gardner was first breaching the Vicksburg defenses.. Fighting up Ewing's approach and breaching Stockade Redan, Their was a problem? They were now alone behind the rebel lines. Washington's and his comrades was given title by General Sherman, First at Vicksburg. That's only part of the Story? Washington now made Captain of 100th United States Colored Infantry. Washington W Gardner was an abolitionist. (