F. Scott Fitzgerald Background

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  • F. Scott Fitzgerald Born

    F. Scott Fitzgerald Born
    Scott Fitzgerald is born in St. Paul, Minnesota, the third of five children born to furniture manufacturer Edward Fitzgerald and Mary McQuillan
  • Scott Fitzgerald joins Princeton

    Fitzgerald enters Princeton University with the Class of 1917.
  • Scott Fitzgerald Falls in Love

    Fitzgerald meets Ginevra King, his first love and a major influence on several female characters in his later writing
  • U.S Military Service

    U.S Military Service
    On academic probation and close to flunking out of Princeton, Fitzgerald takes a commission as an infantry second lieutenant in the U.S. Army
  • Scott Fitzgerald Meets Zelda Sayre

    Scott Fitzgerald Meets Zelda Sayre
    F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre meet at a country club dance in Montgomery, Alabama, his future wife
  • Scott Fitzgerald is discharged

    Fitzgerald is discharged from the Army in February.
  • Failed Engagement

    Wanting to marry Zelda, he got an advertising job in New York. In June Zelda breaks the engagement due to Fitzgerald's lack of fame and wealth.
  • 'The Side of Paradise' is published

    Fitzgerald moves in with his parents in St. Paul and goes to work rewriting The Romantic Egoist. Maxwell Perkins of Scribners accepts the new version, now entitled This Side of Paradise on 16 September. This Side of Paradise is published a few months later
  • Marraige to Zelda

    Marraige to Zelda
    A week after 'The Side of Paradise' is published, he and Zelda marry in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.
  • Birth of Daughter Scottie

    Birth of Daughter Scottie
    The Fitzgeralds' first and only child is born, a daughter named Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald.
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby is published. Arguably, what Fitzgerald is famous for
  • Zelda Fitzgerald's Nervous Breakdown

    Zelda suffers her first nervous breakdown and spends much of the next year hospitalized in various clinics in Switzerland.
  • Move to Hollywood

    Fitzgerald moves to Hollywood after signing contract from Metro Goldwyn Mayer, hoping that he'll work his way out of debt with screenplays. He meets a movie columnist named Sheilah Graham. They begin an affair that lasts until his death
  • Downfall

    Having lost his MGM contract in December 1938, Fitzgerald spends this year bouncing between freelance gigs in Hollywood and bouts with his alcoholism. He begins work on his final novel The Last Tycoon in the summer, but is unable to sell the serial rights to a magazine.
  • Death of F. Scott Fitzgerald

    F. Scott Fitzgerald dies of a heart attack at Sheilah Graham's Hollywood(His Lover), California apartment. He is buried in Rockville, Maryland, where his father was born.