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  • Jan 1, 1000

    Where can EMS be tracked back to?

    Where can EMS be tracked back to?
    Ems can be tracked back since Biblical Times, with the Story of the Good Samaritan.
  • Mouth to Mouth Ventilation

    Mouth to Mouth Ventilation
    The first recorded use of mouth-to-mouth ventilation, involving a coal miner in Dublin
  • EMS in America

    EMS in America
    EMS in America can be tracked back to the Civil War Era. All military personnel had to be examined to qualify for duty.
  • The 1st Civilian Ambulance

    The 1st Civilian Ambulance
    Cincinnati incorporated the First Civilian Abulance.
  • NYC Advertises

    NYC Advertises
    NYC advertises a 30 second response time and provides an ambulance surgeon and a quart of Brandy for their patients.
  • Breathing and Circulation

    Breathing and Circulation
    In 1878, came up with treatment on how to restore breathing and cirulation.
  • Stethscope

    Camman Binaural Stethscope, considered to be the Holy Grail.
  • Grady Memorial Hospital

    Grady Memorial Hospital
    It first opened on June 1, 1892 as Atlanta's second oldest Hospital. It was named after Henery W. Grady who was the manging editor of the Atlanta Constitution newspaper during that era. It only had 100 beds and one single operating room.
  • Dr. Emily Dunning Barringer

    Dr. Emily Dunning Barringer
    She was the first person admitted to a hospital intership program and the first female ambulance surgeon in NYC.
  • NYC Ambulance

    NYC Ambulance
    In NYC Ambulances were called a "Bus!"
  • Modern EMS

    Modern EMS
    The Modern EMS started during the 1950's. 5 Different types of Business: Towing operators, medical equipment companies, funeral homes, hospitals, and police/fire departments.
  • The Department of Health Education

    The Department of Health Education
    The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare allocated $16 million to EMS demonstration programs in five states. Funds were used to develop regional EMS systems.
  • The Journal of Emergency Medical Services

    The Journal of Emergency Medical Services
    The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) starts publication.
    The American Ambulance Association is formed.
  • National Association of EMS

    National Association of EMS
    The National Association of EMS Physicians is formed.
  • Trauma Care System

    Trauma Care System
    The Trauma Care System Planning & Development Act is passed by Congress.
    Fire Department organizations join together in a resolution to expand into EMS.
  • 9/11

    Our EMS system was put to the test when terriosts attacked the Twin Towers. All EMS came together to help the Citizens of New York and to save lievs. We take time on this day to remember the lives of heros andd citizens lost that day. Thank you! (: