Eleanor Roosevelt

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  • She was born

    She was born
    Eleanor was born on October,11 1884 in New York City.
  • Sad 8 year old life

    Sad 8 year old life
    In 1892 Eleanor`s mother,Anna Hall died of diphtheria,her little brother Elliot died just a few months later cause of the same deadly disease.Less than two years later her father,Elliot Roosevelt died too.And she was left with her little baby brother Hall.They were sent to go live with their Grandmother Hall in the Hudson River Valley in New York.
  • 15 years old

    15 years old
    When Eleano was 15 years old she attended a all girls-school in London.Her grandomother was a strict guardian so she hired a private tutor for Eleanor and her brother.
  • 18 years old

    18 years old
    When Eleanor was 18 she returned to New York.Eleanor joined the newly founded Junior League,an association of women who worked to improve New York City through volunteering and education.She also taught at a settlement house in the city.A settlemeny house is a community center in a poor neighborhhod that provides many types of sevices.Eleanor also volunteered to inspect factories in the city,making sure that conditions were safe for workers.
  • Marriage????

    In 1903,Eleanor got engaged with a guy named Franklin.Franklins mother,Sara Delano Roosevelt was against the marriage and but they wouldn`t chage their minds.
  • Getting Married

    Getting Married
    On March,17 1905 Eleanor and Franklin got married
  • DID YOU KNOW????

    DID YOU KNOW????
    President Theodore Roosevelt was the older brother of Elenor`s father,Elliot,who had died.At Eleanor`s wedding ''Uncle Ted '' gave the bride away,a job usually performed by the bride`s father.
  • Baby!!!!??

    In 1906 they both welcomed their first child,a girl named Anna Eleanor.After 5 years Eleanor and Franklin would have 5 more kids,all boys.Thses children were Elliot,Franklin,Jr,James,John.(left to right)
  • Polio??

    In 1921 Franklin was diagnosed with polio.Polio is a sikness that can cause nerev damage,paralysis,and even death.Eleanor stayed by his side day and night nursing him through the worst of sickness.
  • Having A Factory!!!

    Having A Factory!!!
    In 1926,Eleanor and soe friends started a furniture factpry at Val-Kill.The comany hired farmers who were stuggling to make end meets.Val-Kill industries produced chairs,tables,cribs,picture frames,and letter openers.Latter the company added looms for weaving cloth and forge.A forge is a place where metal is heated and hammered into shape.
  • President

    On March.4 1933 Franklin was sworn president.Eleanor read and approved his famous Inaugural speech before the event.
  • World War II

    World War II
    In the late 1930`s Eleanor spoke to Franklin on behalf of A Philip Randolph and other civil rights leaders to end discrimination in industry bevause America was starting to build ships and started getting ready for the war and for the first time in may years, America`s econemy boombed.
  • The End of Franklin

    The End of Franklin
    Franklin D Roosevelt passed away on April,12 1945.Eleanor was planning with the vice president Harry S. Thruman for Franklins funeral and her retirement from public life.''The story is over,'' she told the reporters.
  • Fighting Hate!!!

    Fighting Hate!!!
    During the 1960s,the former First Lady(Eleanor was called the First Lady) was on a tv show and there Eleanor discussed all of her issues
  • Eleanor Died

    Eleanor Died
    Eleanor died on Novemebr,7 1962 because she got killed on her way home.Her coffin was placed next to her husband`s,Franklin D Roosevelt.