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  • Jamestown

    The first settlement was created in America.
  • Quebec

    Quebec was founded, which gave France a handhold in the new word
  • Tobacco

    The first shipments of tobacco were sent to England, where it became popular and created high demand.
  • House of Burgesses

    The first house of representatives was founded in Jamestown by the Virginia Company
  • Slaves

    The first saves are brought to Jamestown
  • Powhatan dies

    Powhatan died and was succeeded by his brother
  • Surprise Attack

    Powhatan's successor, Opechancanough, launched a surprise attack on the land-hungry colonists, killing about a third of them in one day. This began an all-out war with the colonists.
  • Coronation of King Charles 1

    A foe of the Puritans, calling them "Excessive and dangerous"
  • Period: to

    The Great Migration

    Over twenty-thousand Puritans migrated to America under growing oppression
  • Boston

    Boston was founded by John Winthrop
  • Maryland

    The land for Maryland was claimed by King Charles
  • Rhode Island

    Roger Williams founded Rhode island
  • Religious freedom for Maryland

    The Act of Religious Toleration was passed, granting religious freedom in that state.
  • the Navigation act

    This act crippled the Dutch freight trade.
  • New York

    New Amsterdam was claimed by the English then renamed to New York.
  • The dominion of New England was created

    This combined all of the northern states into one dominion.
  • Period: to

    the Glorious Revolution

    this was the bloodless overthrowing of king James II, who was replaced by his Protestant daughter Mary. This was significant because it gave a protestant the crown.
  • Decree of sanctuary

    In an attempt to populate Florida, Spain decreed that any English slave that came to Florida and swore loyalty to Spain was free.