Civil War Timeline

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  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance set the precedent for allowing states to enter the union on equal terms. It outlawed slavery in the territory. This ordinance added 5 new states. This event is important to history because it made sure the new states did not have any disagreements before entering the union.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson got this purchase through the Louisiana Purchase Treaty from France. After Jefferson bought the territory he sent Lewis and Clark to explore it to see if they could find a Northwest passage. While Lewis and Clark were exploring they found the Oregon Territory instead. This event is important because it secured control of the Mississippi River.
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as free. This compromise drew the 36'30'' line. Missouri requested as a slave state and it threatened them. This event is important to history because it made Missouri a slave state and Maine a free but some people did not agree with this idea.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    The Monroe Doctrine was established by a president named James Monroe. He issued this document to give the European countries a message to not conquer Latin America. The push of this document was depending on the British Navy while the US powers were being limited. This event is important to US history because the US was encouraged to re-establish the colonial claims.
  • Nullification Crisis

    The Nullification Crisis was made by a man named John Calhoun. This gave the right for states to void or proclaim a tax if they think it would harm the state. The Nullification Crisis basically gave people the right to ignore taxes that they think was bad for them and others. This event is important to history because the US states the right to nullify taxes.
  • Texas Annexation

    Texas could not be admitted as a new state because of border disagreements and slavery issues. Texas still was an independent republic for a decade while the slavery issue was blown away. If texas was ever admitted in as a new state then texas would have still had more votes than the other states. This event is important to history because it declared independence.
  • Oregon Territory

    The Oregon treaty granted the US to control the south of the 49th line and avoid war. This treaty also brought an end to the Oregon boundaries. The Americans and British had disagreements and they led to a negotiation that created a British-American border. This Oregon Treaty is important because the U.S. was ready to fight for westward expansion.
  • Mexican Cession (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo)

    The Mexican Cession was made up with terriorties that was acquired by the treaty that ended the Mexican American War. It completed Manifest Destiny by giving the American control of the land that travel from Atlantic to pacific. The peace treaty that ended the war resulted in the U.S. acquiring land from Mexico. This event is important because it ceded to the US by Mexico and the end of the Mexican War.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The Compromise of 1850 introduced people to popular sovereignty. This Is when California is brought in as a free state and a new law was made called Fugitive Law that stated if you saw a runaway slave in the North you were required to bring them back to the South. No one was satisfied with the parts of the Compromise. This event was important to the US because of the fugitive slave act which demanded runaway slaves be returned back to their slave owners.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act proposed if Kansas and Nebraska would be a free or slave state. This act canceled the Missouri Compromise, it allowed popular sovereignty north of 36'30''. The disagreement between pro and anti-slavery led to Bleeding Kansas and eventually led to the Republican Party. This event was important to US history because it gave the two territories the decision on slavery.
  • Bleeding (Bloody) Kansas

    This event happened because the pro and anti-slavery had a disagreement that turned violent. If they did not let Nebraska and Kansas have a debate about which territory is going to be with slavery and without slavery then this event would have never come upon. Fighting and death occurred during this event all because of slavery. This event is important to history because it fought for the right of slaves and nonslaves.
  • Battle of Bull Run

    This battle happened outside of Manassas, Virginia. When this war started people thought that it would end quickly and the people that were unprepared for the carnage modern warfare would produce. This battle was run by General Irvin who was part of the Union, and General Thomas who was part of the Confederacy. The Battle of Bull Run is important because people warfare that was produced during this battle.
  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    This was the first battle in 1861, the confederate forces fired at the Union. The commander chief gave up on April 13th and was evacuated. Geographic factors that shaped military and political leadership. This event is important to US history because the confederates wanted leadership.
  • Battle of Antietam

    This was the bloodiest day when 23,000 soldiers were dead or wounded on the field. The first invasion in the North. During this time Lincoln now thought it was time for him to move forward with his plan called the Emancipation Proclamation. This battle was important to US history because it was the first to invade into the north,
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    This document did not free the slaves, Lincoln announced this document as "military measures". It also made it impossible for the British, because some of the people were with slavery to continue on supporting Southern Effort. This allowed African Americans to fight with the Union. This event is important to history because it led to ending slavery.
  • Presidential Reconstruction

    The presidential reconstruction was a 10% plan created by Lincoln before his assassination. His 10% plan was saying that if you were in the election of 1860 they had to oath to the Union and accept terms of Emancipation. Andrew Johnson took over the plan after Lincoln got assassinated, he kept the 10% plan going. This event is important to the US because it needed the southerners that were voting to follow certain tasks.
  • Gettysburg Address

    This address was made by Lincoln, he went to the battlefield of Gettysburg to dedicate the soldiers who died. As he speaks he describes the people to fought to bring about the Declaration of Independence. He says "dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”. This event is important to US history because it showed respect to the people who fought on the Gettysburg battlefield.
  • Battle of Vicksburg

    Vicksburg and Port Hudson eventually split the confederacy into two. Gave the Union power of the Mississippi River. This was the turning point in the western theatre. This Event Is important to US history because it divided the confederacy.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Was the second and last to invade the North. Lee to withdraw to Virginis. Half of the soldiers were lying on the ground dead or wounded. This event is important to US history because it was the turning point of the Civil war.
  • Sherman's March to the Sea

    Sherman led this march to the sea from the Tennessee-Georgia border. He was mainly wanting to catch a port in Savannah Georgia. He followed the war tragedy while doing this march, this event was important to US history, because they destroyed people's homes, but also they got materials.
  • 13th Amendment Passed

    This amendment was put forward by Lincoln and it ended slavery. It was passed on Jan 1st by congress. This amendment is the reason why slavery was banned. Without this amendment, slavery would have been still here. This amendment is important to history because it ended and banned slavery.
  • Congressional Reconstruction

    This plan was passed by the Republicans in Congress, the goal of this plan was to punish the south. This plan split the formal district into 5 sections that were controlled by the US army. It must grant African Americans their rights and privileges. This event was important to history because it granted rights to African Americans and ratified the 14th amendment.
  • 14th Amendment Passed

    The 14th amendment gave citizenship to the people who were born in the US. It gave African Americans citizenship. This led them to have the right to equal protection under the law. This law is important in the US because without it people would not have citizenship.
  • 15th Amendment Passed

    This amendment gave all men the right to vote, also African American men. It is important to US history because without this law African Americans would not be able to vote.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    The Plessy v. Ferguson was a case that stated segregation was illegal. This case made it legal for segregation and discrimination to be allowed. They had this quote that stayed "Separate but Equal", which meant that the white and black are separate but they will be equal. This event is important to history because it allowed both colors to become equal and have the same rules, but also it eventually made it possible for them to be together and not separated.