Broad Timeline- Foundations of American Democracy

Timeline created by irenecrain
  • End of Seven Years war

    End of Seven Years war
    Britain, Spain and France sign the treaty of Paris. France secedes to Spain. Spain gave up Florida to Britain and keeps Cuba and the Philippines.
  • Tahiti Visited

    Tahiti Visited
    After discovering Tahiti, British explorers were first attacked by Natives with sharp spears. Eventually peace was made and the British sailors discovered the the Tahitians were a very civilized, well developed people with a hierarchy, much like the Tenochtitlan civilization found in America.
  • Greeks/Russians revolt

    Greeks/Russians revolt
    Greeks were not aloud to purchase land from the Ottoman landowners. Russians encouraged the Greeks to rise up against the Ottomans. A small Russian force also supported the rising, however the uprising is easily defeated by Albanian soldiers which the Ottomans controlled.
  • Napoleon Boneparte becomes Lieutenant in French Army

    Napoleon Boneparte becomes Lieutenant in French Army
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    The french revolution happened relatively close to the American revolution and for similar reasons. The general public and people of the lower class weren't receiving from the government the basic necessities and freedom for living and thriving.