2010-2016 economic events

Timeline created by darian_duncan
  • Haiti earthquake

    Haiti earthquake
    This devastating earthquake was a magnitude 7.0 that hit haiti in 2010. It left many families hurt and in need of help. It took the lives of more than 220,000 and injured more than 300,000.
  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill
    This was the result of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploding in the Gulf of Mexico. An estimated 3.19 million barrels of oil had seeped into the ocean. This had a major effect on the fish and plant life that lived in that area.
  • Joplin tornado

    Joplin tornado
    This was categorized as one of the worst tornadoes in the U.S. It caused over 2 billion dollars in damage. This killed almost 200 people and injured 1,150.
  • All-Star game

    All-Star game
    This was the 83rd MLB all star game held at Kauffman Stadium where over 40,00 people attended. The national league shutout the american league for an 8-0 win.
  • Marijuana is legal in Colorado

    Marijuana is legal in Colorado
    In Colorado there are policies set for medical use and recreational use. It was the first state to legalize marijuana. This location even attracts tourists due to the legal marijuana.
  • New president elected

    New president elected
    This election was between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, which obviously ended with Barack Obama winning. Obama was running for his second term and he won both the popular vote and electoral college vote.
  • Blackout Superbowl

    Blackout Superbowl
    This game was played between the Ravens and the 49ers, but the most memorable things from this game was Beyonce and the power outage. The game got the nickname the Blackout Bowl because of the 34 minute power outage which came as a surprise to everyone that the lights went out.
  • Flint, Michigan water crisis

    Flint, Michigan water crisis
    The water in Flint, Michigan has been undrinkable for many months now. The water and pipes were contaminated with lead. Without switching the pipes out the water will never be completely clean.
  • Royals world series champions

    Royals world series champions
    This professional baseball team winning the world series has been long anticipated, since the last time they won was 1985. The parade was the real excitement. There was an estimated 800,000 people there. Some schools in Kansas City were closed but many people ditched to come see their favorite players.
  • North Korea cyber attack

    North Korea cyber attack
    After North Korea attacked Sony the FBI placed blame on Pyongyang for the cyber-attack, but this caused Sony 15 million dollars in crippled network and destroyed data.