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Reporting bugs/problems

If you are having a problem with Timetoast, or think you've found a bug, please try to send us the following additional information too:

  • A description of the problem.
  • The steps needed to reproduce the problem, so we can attempt to do so ourselves when trying to fix the problem.
  • The name and version of your Internet browser, if you can find it.

Send bug reports, preferably in English, to .

Reporting Potentially Copyright Infringing Material

We require all users of the site respect the proprietary rights of others.

If you have reason to believe that any material entered into, or imagery uploaded to, our website could be infringing on the proprietary rights of others, then we will, once adequately notified and as a precaution, make attempts to remove the alleged copyright infringing material, or imagery, within a reasonable timeframe.
The user who uploaded it will, ordinarily, be given 10 days to challenge the deletion of material. Should they not challenge the deletion, then the content will remain permanently deleted.

When emailing us on this subject, please bear in mind that:

  • For security reasons we can not open some types of email attachments, nor can we follow links to non-Timetoast website locations. Examples of email attachments we can not open are, but not limited to, .zip, .pdf, and Microsoft Office documents. We are unable to take action if the information required to do so is obfuscated.
  • Unlawful requests to divulge personal details about site users will not be honoured, so please don't ask. Our privacy policy covers this subject.

Send emails, preferably in English, to .

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