Young Guns

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In Film
  • William "Billy the Kid" McCarty Born

    William "Billy the Kid"  McCarty Born
  • First Arrest

    Billy the Kid was arrested for stealing laundry.
  • Escapee

    He escapes jail and runaway to his step father but he was left on his own after being declined by him
  • Gang Activity

    Gang Activity
    The Kid joins Jesse Evans, the leader of "The Boys," a gang of rustlers and killers.
  • John Tunstall

    John Tunstall
    The Kid has a falling out with the gang and is hired by John Tunstall, just in time to fight for the Englishman in a feud against the Dolan Company.
  • Missing Horses

    After months of stealing horses Billy the Kid and John Mackie were arrested and confined at Fort Grant. They later escaped custody.
  • First Kill

    Billy commits his first murder and the person he murdered goes by the name of Frank "Windy" Cahill.
  • Ambushed

    The Kid rides along with Tunstall and his men, herding horses to Lincoln. The group is ambushed by Dolan and Sheriff Brady's men and Tunstall is killed. The Kid and the others escape.
  • Jail Time

    Jail Time
    The Kid, Fred Waite and Constable Atanacio Martinez attempt to serve warrants for the men who murdered Tunstall, but they are disarmed and taken prisoner by Sheriff Brady. Martinez would be allowed to leave, but the Kid and Waite are kept prisoner. They would miss Tunstall's funeral.
  • Released

    The Kid and Fred Waite are released from jail.
  • The Regulators

    Dick Brewer, Tunstall's foreman, is appointed constable to bring in Tunstall's murderers. The Kid and several others are deputized. They called themselves "The Regulators."
  • Deaths of Sheriff and Deputy

    Members of the Regulators: Frank MacNab, Jim French, Fred Waite, John Middleton, Henry Brown, and Billy Bonney ambush the Sheriff and his deputies. Sheriff William Brady and Deputy George Hindman are killed.
  • Fight at Blazers Mill

    Fight at Blazers Mill
    The Regulators kill Buckshot Roberts at Blazer's Mill. Frank Coe and John Middleton are wounded and Dick Brewer is killed in the gunfight.
  • Accused

    The Kid, Middleton, and Brown are indicted for the murder of Sheriff Brady.
  • Hideout

    The Regulators hide out at Chisum's Ranch.
  • Reward

    The governor puts outs a $500 reward for the Kid's capture.
  • Surrender

    The Sheriff tracks the Kid and his gang to a rock house in Stinking Springs. When Charlie Bowdre appears in the door, they think it's the Kid and open fire, Bowdre is killed and there's a standoff. After a couple of hours, the Kid and his men surrender.
  • Goodbye Billy

    Goodbye Billy
    Late at night in Fort Sumner, the Kid is shot and killed by Sheriff Garrett at Pete Maxwell's house. The Kid was only nineteen or twenty years old.
  • Period: to

    McSween's home battle.

    The Five day battle at McSween's home in Lincoln. On the 19th, while trying to escape, Alex McSween, Francisco Zamora, and Harvey Morris are killed; on the Dolan side Robert Beckwith is killed. The Kid and the Regulators escape.