Valerie's Human Capital

Timeline created by jglas6029
  • Middle School

    Started babysitting for five families
  • Summer

    Worked as a lifeguard at the local community pool
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    High School

    Takes a child development class
    joined student organization group that helped create community service projects and fundraisers
    became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
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    Pursue a degree in athletic training
    Participated in intramural sports
    raised money for juvenile athletic foundations
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    Work Life

    perfect candidate for a position with an outstanding hospital
    worked with 7 different high school athletic programs and developed training programs
    became a certified massage therapist
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    Starts a family
    Second child is born so she starts working part-time instead of full-time
    Five years later both her children are in school so she goes back to full-time work
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    Back to work

    Starts a job with a university sports team