Technology Timeline

Timeline created by amy.staheli
  • Phone

    Home Phone
  • Atari

    Our first video game
  • Walkman

    We used a Walkman to play cassette tapes
  • Typewriter

    I used this typewriter in junior high
  • Phone booth

    Phone booth
    I carried a quarter in my shoe on Friday evenings when I was out with my friends in case I needed my parents to come get me.
  • Laser Disc

    Laser Disc
    My dad purchased the Laser Disc player. It was short lived due to the dvd player
  • Gameboy

    My brothers had a Gameboy system
  • Cordless Phone

    Cordless Phone
    Loved the idea of taking the phone with me in any room of the house
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    First one was a brick!