Technology Timeline

Timeline created by pgaylynn
  • Mimeograph Machine

    Mimeograph Machine
    When I was growing up, my dad was a school teacher. He bought a little mimeograph machine. He was also asked to print the Sunday bulletins. We would sit at the kitchen table and crank out copies for him. My arm got tired!
  • Typewriter

    In 9th grade, every student was required to take a keyboarding class. This was on typewriters. I remember how revolutionary it was when the correcting ribbons finally came out. Before that, we have to insert a little piece of correcting tape and type over the mistake.
  • Polaroid Camera

    Polaroid Camera
    I remember when Polaroids were all the rage. You could take a picture and it developed right before your eyes!
  • Telex Machine

    Telex Machine
    When I graduated from high school, I worked in the Missionary Department at the Church Office Building. My assignment was to communicate with Mission Presidents using a Telex machine.
  • Computer

    When I got home from my mission in 1983, I worked at a little company as a receptionist. I had a monitor on my desk, but the computer occupied a room in the back of the building that was the size of a small bedroom!
  • Grass Clippers

    Grass Clippers
    Anyone remember trying to clip the entire lawn using manual grass clippers? That's all we had when we bought our first home.
  • Camcorder

    About once a year, we would rent a camcorder from the local grocery store and haul it around for the weekend to video the kids.
  • Rotary Dial Phone

    Rotary Dial Phone
    My husband was pretty old fashioned. When we first moved to Utah, we brought our old rotary dial telephone with us. I was asked to be a den mother in cub scouts. At the first meeting, one of the boys needed to call his mom to pick him up. He looked at the phone and asked, "What is this?"
  • Laptop

    I was very excited when I got my first laptop. Life changing!
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    I am really behind the times. I finally broke down about two years ago and got my first cell phone. Yikes!
  • iPad

    The school bought me an iPad last year. I still haven't really figured out how to use it!
  • Watch

    I prefer an old time non-digital watch. It's still shocking to me that the majority of my 7th grade students cannot read an "old-time" watch!