Tara's Technology Timeline

Timeline created by tara.pina
  • Laser Disc

    Laser Disc
    As a child, I watched my favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast, on a laserdisc player.
  • First Cassette Tape

    First Cassette Tape
    I won a gift certificate to the mall when I was in kindergarten and bought a tape
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    Our family got our first computer when I was in first grade. It ran Windows 98
  • First CD and stereo

    First CD and stereo
    I received my own stereo and cds of my own for my birthday
  • First MP3 player

    First MP3 player
    One of my friends had an MP3 which made me want one for my birthday
  • Palm Pilot

    Palm Pilot
    Palm Pilots were cool in my jr. high for playing games and keeping notes
  • First iPod

    First iPod
    iPods came on the scene as being able to hold more music.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    I finally was old enough to be able to have a cell phone. I wanted the Razr witch was cooler but my parents wouldn't pay for it
  • First Large Storage MP3 player

    First Large Storage MP3 player
    Finally I could have ALL of my music on one device. I was too cool for Apple by this time though
  • First Touch Screen Phone

    First Touch Screen Phone
    I decided I would have a touchscreen phone because it had a landscape keyboard function.
  • First Laptop

    First Laptop
    I went to college and my parents bought me a laptop. I had a laptop for home and then had a netbook to carry to class
  • First Smart Phone

    First Smart Phone
    I had resisted smart phone for several years because I didn't want to pay for data even though my husband had one of the first smartphones.
  • First Smart Watch

    First Smart Watch
    I wanted a Smartwatch to be able to teach and stay connected.
  • Nest Home System

    Nest Home System
    Things around our home became more automated because of Nest