Shirley Temple

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  • Shirley Temple was born

    Shirley Temple was born
  • Earns first acting award titled Baby Burlesk

  • began taking dance lessons at The Ethel Meglin Dance Studio

  • Casted in First major flim titled Stand Up and Cheer signs seven year contract with Fox

  • Awarded a special Oscar at the Academy Awards

  • box office champion for the next 3 years and in West lake School For Girls

  • Judy Garland played the lead role in Wizard Of Oz that Shirley was originally casted for

  • Marries John Agar

  • Linda Susan is born

  • Divorces John Agar

  • Retires from making movies and marries Charles Black

  • Charles Jr is born

  • Lori Alden is born

  • Delagated to the United Nations

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer and has a mastectomy and then recovered

  • U.S. Ambassodor to Ghana

  • U.S. Cheif Of Protocol

  • Published her frist autobigraphy Child Star

  • U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovikia

  • Recipent of Kennedy Center Honors

  • Shirley Temple Care Center is unvaild