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  • AOL Founding

    AOL Founding
    The company now known as America Online was founded by Jim Kimsey as Quantum Computer Source. It's Purpose was to simplify the internet for consumers and creators by unleasing the world's best builders of culture and code. the esitmate amount of users is 200 million a month.
  • Founding of Yahoo

    Founding of Yahoo
    The founder of Yahoo was jerry yang and david filo and it was actually called Jerry's guide to the world wide web but it was renamed to Yahoo. the purpose was to encorporate a search engine and a directory of world wide websites. estimation of active users is 800 million
  • Founding of

    Founding of
    the founder of is Garret Gruener and David Warthen. Its pupose was to allow onliine searches to get answers to questions posed in every day, natural language. Estimated users is 70 million
  • Founding of Google

    Founding of Google
    the founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Their first search engine was called backrub in 1996. We build products that we hope will make the web a better place and it's also because they want to make the web simpler and faster for people to do what they want online. Estimated 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.
  • Founding of Bing

    Founding of Bing
    the founder is Lorenzo Thione, the owner of bing is microsoft. estimated 54 million users per year. the purpose is for be a new cutting edge search engine for faster and more relevant search results.