Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Jacob Tschudy

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  • Coupons

    The coupon will be for 20% off of any drink. This will get people to buy the coffee and try the coffee so then they can begin to realize its good. They will be distributed by Direct mailing because it allows more people to receive them and it is cheap.
  • Traffic Builder

    Traffic Builder
    For a traffic builder we will give away coffee mugs with our Pure Soul logo on it when people enter the store. This will get more people to come into the store because they will want the mug. Also, whenever they use the mug at home they will see the logo and think of the coffee shop.
  • Coupon Plan

    Coupon Plan
    The coupon plan will be a punch card that is punched out 10 times for each time the customer purchases coffee. At the end they will be able to get a free 10 dollar gift card to purchase whatever they want. I selected this because it will allow people to continue coming back to get coffee. This will improve the image of the restaurant because it will have people come back to the store regularly to get their coffee, so then they will see the improvements we have made.
  • Incentives

    For an incentive we will have a sweepstake that all customers can enter. It will be for free coffee for a year. This will be a good idea because the winner will probably get another item when they get their free coffee so they will buy more, but also lots of people would enter it. This will improve the image of the restaurant by showing that we want people to enjoy our coffee and we will reward them for coming.
  • Product Samples

    Product Samples
    For our product samples, we will set up a small stand next to the counter with coffee dispensers with new coffee flavors every week. I chose this location for the samples because people will be able to see it clearly when they are about to order. This will improve the image of the restaurant because it will show that the restaurant is constantly making new flavors so we can let people try new flavors.
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    Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Jacob Tschudy