Project 1

Timeline created by mishailadockum
  • Put Freedom & Justice Off Until Tomorrow Mobocracy

    Put Freedom & Justice Off Until Tomorrow Mobocracy
    A direct democracy of Caucasian men and a few women who didn't believe in the equality of minorities. At this time they rule the nation, and refuse to listen to anyone who disagreed with their traditional motives.
  • Local Groups of Minorities Come Together

    Local Groups of Minorities Come Together
    African Americans, Latinx, LGBT+, and Womens' organizations, begin to communicate with each other in local festivals, protests, and marches that the mobocracy began to question.
  • NO 4/4 Law enacted

    NO 4/4 Law enacted
    To prevent anymore secret gatherings within the minorities, this law made it illegal for them to protest or form local groups in means to discuss actions. This law also included supporters
  • Representation Rebellion

    Representation Rebellion
    Prior to the rebellion, minorities traveled across the nation speaking on the dangers of direct democracy and its unfairness to them and the founding fathers. This rebellion began with signs posted with the a popular quote: "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL..ARE WE NOT ALL MEN?
  • The Neo-Enlightenment

    A few years after the rebellion, a trio of philosophers met at a city convention center to discuss the matters of minorities and the majority. It wasn't long until they brought awareness to the fact that many minorities are capable of what the majority can do
  • Secret Supporter Society

    Secret Supporter Society
    Secretly, men from a neutral perspective or the side of the PF&JOUT mobocracy began to host gatherings in support of the Neo-Enlightment, even thought it was illegal. They would start fundraisers throughout college campuses, and start clubs to spread awareness for the equality movement. The pink representing the fearlessness in support.
  • Mobocracy Begins to Decline

    After the increase of supporters in the Neo-Enlightnment, the Off Until Tomorrow direct democracy began to lose supporters, and there was more support for a representative democracy.
  • Rockwall Riot

    Rockwall Riot
    A riot that took place in a college bar, members of the mobocracy smashed bottles and windows, threatening the attendees at the bar. Luckily, only one student was moderately injured.
  • Representative Democracy

    Representative Democracy
    Representative Democracy was important for minorities to have a better chance at change for the better. Even though not everyone was still in support of minorities, they did believe a representative democracy made more sense for them as well, as maybe someone in higher power could support their needs.
  • NO 4/4 Law Vetoed

    The new representative democracy has taken full force. People are now equal and voting for the person they see most to fit their needs in American society