My technology timeline

Timeline created by Kclogger
  • Rotary phone

    Rotary phone
    Using the rotary phone at my grandma's house to make phone calls. I loved making phone calls from it.
  • Computer

    First computer in our house. Had to ask if I could get on the internet and had a time limit so people could get a hold of us.
  • Pay Phone

    Pay Phone
    Using the pay phone at the store
  • Original Nintendo

    Original Nintendo
    Playing Mario Bro, duck hunt, Ninja Turtles, Zelda with my brother and cousins. We could play all day long if my mom would have let us.
  • Video camera

    Video camera
    My mom used a video camera like this to record my competitions. I no longer have those videos.
  • CD disk player

    CD disk player
    Using it on family trips. Loved listening to the music I liked and not my brothers
  • Sega

    I only liked to play Super Sonic and Tetris. I loved how easy the paddle was to use.
  • Cell phone

    Cell phone
    Playing snake on the phone, it was the only cool game then. My mom was the only one that had a cell phone. It was also super heavy and bulky
  • DVD player

    DVD player
    Getting our first DVD player and not having very many DVD's.
  • Play station

    Play station
    We got a play station for Christmas and each got a game. The paddle was kinda hard to get used to. We could watch DVD's on the playstation.
  • TV

    These are the current tvs that we use.