My LIfe

Timeline created by Connorbigcat
  • Birth

    Born to Lisa Lorenzen and Jeff Lorenzen
    Born in Thousand Oaks California
  • First word

    First word
    My first word was mo mo meaning car
  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade
    First day of second grade
  • First tooth I lost

    First tooth I lost
    I lost my first tooth
  • Went to kindergarten

    Went to kindergarten
    First day of kindergarten
  • First double digit

    First double digit
    Turned 10 years old
  • 7th Grade

    7th Grade
    First day of 7th grade
  • 8th Grade

    8th Grade
    First day of 8th grade
  • Finally a Teen

    Finally a Teen
  • High school Football

    High school Football
    I started football
  • First Day of Highschool

    First Day of Highschool
    My first day of high school was scary and exciting
  • First iphone

    First iphone
    Got an iphone 6
  • Made Timeline In Computers

    Made Timeline In Computers
    I made a timeline in 21st tech
  • Made 14th slide

    Made 14th slide
    Made my 14th slide in 21st tech
  • Made 15th slide

    Made 15th slide
    Made my 15th slide in 21st tech