My History of Technology

Timeline created by FrauB
  • Music

    My first record player had Raggedy Ann on it. I had Disney stories on 45's with read-a-long books. When the movies came out, I had them memorized because I listened to the records so many times.
  • AM Transistor Radio

    AM Transistor Radio
    My second access to music was my AM transistor radio. I had a dollhouse for my Barbie figures and the toilet was an AM Radio. I got to listen to 1060 KRSP. I thought I was the coolest ever to learn words to all the Top 40 songs and listen to KC Kasem's countdown on Saturday mornings.
  • 1976 Wood-paneled Station Wagon w/ 8-Track Tape

    1976 Wood-paneled Station Wagon w/ 8-Track Tape
    Family Vacations = Sing a Longs. 8-track tapes filled a shoe box Sound of Music, Music Man, John Denver, Barbra Streisand... to name a few.
  • Cassette Tapes!

    Cassette Tapes!
    Cassette Tapes were smaller than 8-Tracks. Boom boxes were the thing to play them in. These were battery operated or wall plug in. Batteries were costly and sometimes not worth all my babysitting money.
  • Compact Discs, say what?

    Compact Discs, say what?
    CD's were so awesome but costly. My car had a cassette player so I was in no hurry to make the change but when I got married, we got a CD player and had 5 CD's. Changed my life.