Mughal rule in India to World War I (1526-1914)

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  • Apr 30, 1526


    First Mughal monarch.
  • East India Company

    East India Company
    It was a trade company that was formed to pursuit trade with the East Indies. But ended up Trading mainly with the Indian subcontinents, Qing Dynasty China, North-West Frontier Province, and Balochistan. The East India Company accounted for half of the world's trade.
  • European rivalries over India

    European rivalries over India
    The East India Company begins. The Dutch Republic, England, France, and Demark, all established trading posts in India. Great Britain and France specifically fought for dominance through proxy Indian rulers and by direct military intervension.
  • Shah-Jahan-e-Azam

    Built Taji Mahal.
  • Farrukhsiyar

    Granted a firman to the East Indian Company in 1717. This granted duty-free trading rights for Bengal and strengthened their posts on the East Coast.
  • Muhammad Shah

    Muhammad Shah
    Got rid of the Syed Brothers. He fought a long war with Marathas and lost Deccan and Malwa in the process. Additonaly, he suffered the invasion of Nadir Shah of Persia in 1739. He was the last empror to possess effective control over the empire.
  • Bahadur Shah II

    Bahadur Shah II
    The last Mughal emperor. Deposed by the British and exiled to Burma after the Indian Rebellion of 1857.