mobile´s evolutuion

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  • 1º mobile

    1º  mobile
    It cost 10 hous to charge it all and you con olny used for 30 minutes. It colles motorola and it´s weighed was 1.1kg. It cost 3995$
  • 1º nokia

    1º nokia
    It was colled nokia 6110, it had 3 games: memory, snake and logic.
    It had a calculator, clock and calenda, also it had 4 colours.
  • 1º BlackBerry

    1º BlackBerry
    It was colled BlackBerry 850, was the first hadset released under the BlackBerry brand.
  • samsung SGH-T100

    samsung SGH-T100
    Is a dual-band, it was the first mobile that use a thin-film transistor.
    It´s weighed was 94g.
  • motorola Razr V3

    motorola Razr V3
    motorola Razr V3 was sold 130 million of it´s fashion phone between 2004 ando 2006
  • apple iPhone 3G

    apple iPhone 3G
    Is responsible for changing the face of the mobile space forever. After this mobile apple´s company has develop very fast.
  • Apple 3g

    Apple 3g
    Is responsible for changing the face of the mobile space forever.After this apple company had develos very fast
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung Galaxy S5
    It has 5.25 inch and a back camera with 16 megapixeles.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

    Samsung Galaxy S7
    You can immerse this mobile in the watter but only for 30minutes and in a maximun 1.5 meters deep
  • iphona 8 plus

    iphona 8 plus
    It is more light and thin,the back is made of glass like the old iphone 4 and this made this to trie to charge the mobile without wire.
  • samsung S9/ Samsung S9+

    samsung S9/ Samsung S9+
    It have the detector of the fingerprint and the detector of the face. The mobile that have more capacity cost 949 euros.
  • Period: to

    evolution of iphones

    Between this years apple company has launch iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5.
  • Period: to

    evolution of iphons

    Between this years, it apeared iphon 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5.