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  • Young Miley

    Young Miley
    Miley Cyrus' birth name was Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her first music influence came from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, an America country singer. Miley and her father often sung country music together.
  • Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana was an American Musical Comedy show aired on the Disney Channel, first aired on the 23rd March 2006. The show starred and was based on the famous pop star Hannah Montana, who was played by Miley Cyrus. She sang and performed the pop genre within the show.
  • Hannah Montana The Movie

    Hannah Montana The Movie
    Hannah Montana the Movie was released in 2009. This was an attempt for her to steer away from the stereotypical pop star image, and demonstrate her talent within the country genre, shared with her father. Within the movie she sang and performed many country songs, including; Hoedown Throwdown, and The Climb.
  • The Last Song & Can't Be Tamed

    The Last Song & Can't Be Tamed
    Hoping to gain a more mature image, Cyrus starred in the film ‘The Last Song’ 2010 based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. It received a generally negative critical reaction, though it was a box office hit. While filming, she began a romantic relationship with her co-star, Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus further attempted to change her image with the release of her third studio album, ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ 2010 which featured Dance- Pop tracks, contrasting from her prior releases of her Country music.
  • The Bangerz Tour

    The Bangerz Tour
    ‘Bangerz’ is the 4th album released by Cyrus, released on October 4th 2013. Described by Cyrus as "Dirty South Hip - Hop", ‘Bangerz’ represents a musical departure from her earlier work, which she has become "disconnected" from. The album features guest vocals from well-known R&B and Hip – Hop artists, including, Ludacris, and Future. ‘Bangerz’ received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its originality, and complimented Cyrus' evolution. 'Bangerz' entirely distorted Miley's earlier image.