Little Rock Crisis

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  • Court Ruling - Brown Vs. Board of Education

    Court Ruling - Brown Vs. Board of Education
    On May 17, 1954, the court made the descision that desegregated schools were to unequal. They then made the descision that nine young african american girls would attend Central High School in Little Rock.
  • Blossom Plan

    Blossom Plan
    The schools superintendent, Virgil Blossom, created the Blossom Plan in attempt to desegregate the schools of LIttle Rock. This plan was adopted and went into action.
  • School Registration Attempt

    School Registration Attempt
    Thirty three african american students attempt to register in an all white Little Rock schools but despite the court ruling, they were turned down.
  • Governer Attempts To Stop The Students

    Governer Attempts To Stop The Students
    The Governor Faubus was against the idea of african americans attending Central High. He decided to call in the nation to keep the girls from entering the high schoo.
  • Girls Attended Central High

    Girls Attended Central High
    President Eisenhower had the 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock to insure the safety of the "Little Rock Nine". This allowed them to enter the school and become an official student.
  • First Full Day

    The Little Rock NIne finally are able to attend there first full day of classes at Central High as normal stuents.
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    Little Rock Crisis