kristi peterson journey

Timeline created by chadkristi
  • VHS

    This is how I began my Disney collection
  • 8 track

    8 track
    this is how we listened to music when I was little
  • cassette tapes

    cassette tapes
    The new improvement from an 8 track
  • typewriter

    The good old days before we had computers
  • first computer

    first computer
    I remember the first time I used a computer. I was in Junior High.
  • duplicator

    This is how I made copies my first year of teaching
  • CD

    Now we are moving along. We no longer have to push the rewind or fast forward buttons.
  • flip phone

    flip phone
    my first experience with a cell phone. What? no interenet?
  • DVD/blue ray/digital copy

    DVD/blue ray/digital copy
    Upgrade from VHS tapes.
  • iphone

    a phone that does everything: photos, internet, email, GPS, etc....