John Wilkes Booth

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  • Birth

    John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10 1838. He was born near Bel Air, Maryland. During his life he joined the Know-nothing part.
  • Militia

    In 1859 John Wilkes Booth joined the Virginia militia. He joined to show his support of slavery. During his time served he helped to capture ans execute John Brown. He was also in the raid on Harpers Ferry. He served as a secret agent for the rebels.
  • Arrest

    The spring of 1862 Booth was arrested. He made anti-government remarks in front of a provost Marshall. Booth said, "So help me holy God! my soul, life, and possessions are for the South. "
  • Investment

    In the year 1864 Booth invested in an oil company. He soon stopped when it didn't bring in as much money as he hoped. In late 1864 Booth was losing all his savings and soon goes into debt.
  • Kidnap Lincoln

    Kidnap Lincoln
    In March of 1865 Booth developed a plan to kidnap Lincoln. He hired six southern sympathizers to do the job for him. His plan failed when the president failed to show up in Washington D.C. where they had thought he would be.
  • Lee Surrenders

    Lee Surrenders
    Lee Surrenders, Booth's plan changes. He plans to kill, The President, The Cabinet, Vice President, and Ulysses S. Grant.
  • Lincoln Assassination

    Lincoln Assassination
    John assassinates Lincoln during a play in Fords Theater.
  • Pursued and Killed

    Pursued and Killed
    John Wilkes Booth is pursued and killed by soldiers after assassinating Lincoln.
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    John was born into a rich family and was a spoiled child. He was a promising actor. His education was limited because of his attendance at school. Unlike his family he was a firm supporter of the south. He didn't see his father often because he was on the road, his father died when he was 14.
  • Period: to

    Time During War

    John worked as a Confederate Secret Agent.