Jamestown Settlement

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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    King James I chartered the Virginia Company and Capt. John Smith to go start a settlement in the Chesapeake Region.
  • The Virginia Company arrives

    The Virginia Company arrives
    On May 14th 1607 the Virginia Company arrived on Jamestown Island. It is on the James River and was easy to get ships in and out.
  • The First Settlers Arrive From England

    The First Settlers Arrive From England
    In January 1608 Capt. Christopher Newport arrived with the first settlers and supplies. These were the first actual settlers there.
  • Pocahontas

    In 1613, Pocahantos, daughter of Powhatan, the leader of 30 tribes is kidnapped by the English.
  • Tobacco "The Golden Weed"

    In 1614, the first crop of tobacco also called the golden weed is shipped back to England by John Rolfe who also married Pocahontas this year.
  • Pocahantos Dies

    In 1617, Pocahontas dies in England after becoming ill.
  • The slaves arrive.

    The slaves arrive.
    The first representative legislative assembly met at Jamestown on July 30. The first documented people of African origin in Virginia arrive aboard an English ship flying a dutch flag.
  • Virginia is established

    Virginia is established
    King James revoked the Virginia Companys charter and Virginia becomes a colony.
  • Moving the capital

    The capital of Virginia is moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg.
  • Period: to

    Jamestown Settlement