Inventions from 1865-1915

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  • Motorcycle

    Sylvester Howard Roper
    Started the fascination of motorcycle transportation making it easier to move around and has made the motorcycle available to nearly everyone.
  • Hot Dog

    Hot Dog
    Charles Feltman
    Hot dogs were brought to Chicago from Germany and sold on a vendor cart, where the popularity skyrocketed created an almost "All-American" past time.
  • Incandescent Light Bulb

    Incandescent Light Bulb
    Thomas Alva Edison
    The creation of the incandescent light bulb sparked the imagination of later inventors to make nearly anything that they could dream of with this tecnology. This also provided light and electricity for many.
  • Cash Register

    Cash Register
    James Ritty
    The Cash Register has shaped how all of the restaurants, stores, and services alike, store their money. This invention has made processing money as a business, faster and easier than ever before.
  • Electric Iron

    Electric Iron
    Henry W. Seely
    The iron has shaped the future of professrional and presentable clothing.
  • Folding Cabinet Bed

    Folding Cabinet Bed
    Sarah E. Goode
    The Folding Cabinet Bed has inspired Futon's throughout the world.
  • Dishwasher

    Josephine Cochran
    The Dishwasher has revolutionized dishes, cooking, and time usage in the kitchen
  • Coca-Cola

    John Pemberton
    Coca-Cola has been massive company since its start in the late 1800's kickstarting the company with a little "kick."
  • Basketball

    James Naismith
    Basketball has been a growing sport for kids and adults alike having something fun to do to bring friends, and family together.
  • Tractor

    John Froelich
    This tool has revolutionized farming by making it easier to transport things throughout the famland easily and safely for the farm.
  • Radio

    Guglielmo Marconi
    The radio has made communication easy so that people anywhere in the world can talk to each other for whatever reason quickly.
  • Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy
    William Morrison, and John C. Warton
    Circus and large event food will never be the same with the candy made of pure sugar. This invention sparked candy makers imaginations to further progress into the world of candy.
  • Push Pin

    Push Pin
    Edwin Moore
    This has made it easy to store papers, ideas, and other important information for it to be easy to remember and work on things.
  • Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum Cleaner
    Hubert Cecil Booth
    Thanks to this invention, our floors willl never be dirty again. This kickstarted the technology of the vacuum to the booming business that it is today.
  • Zipper

    Gideon Sundback
    The Zipper is used so much these days we hardly even think about it, but without it, our lives would be changed drastically.
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    Inventions from 1865 to 1915