internet/ tech advance

Timeline created by blopezh
  • first computer

    first computer
    i waqs a hude thing that was the same size of a building.
  • cloud the app

    cloud the app
    storage thats save in the cumputer without having room.
  • first comp. game

    first comp. game
    games are big and are fun but the first comp. game was 2 stickes and a ball
  • shopping

    1997 was when you can shop on line .today half of everbody shop online now.
  • first laptop

    first laptop
    a computer divice that you ca take anywhere
  • ipone

    the i phone is a handheld computer.
  • google was made

    google was made
    google is a search engine that you can use to look for somthing that you desirer
  • facebook

    is a social network
  • youtube

    youtube is a website where you can watch videos and miusic
  • twitter

    a social network