How was my nation established?

Timeline created by limlim1850
  • Lance Lim and his nine of his friends decide to make their own nation

    After living in small islands growing up, Lance Lim and nine of his friends (Gideon, Nastasia, Zoe, Aly, Malayah, Maximo, Elijah, Andrew, and Janae) decided that they should make an island nation to re-experience the simple joys of island life.
  • Clipperton Island is discovered

    After some research, the group finds out that a French owned island is currently unused. The two contact the government to negotiate for it
  • The group occupies the island

    The small group of friends move to the island and establish their own residences
  • The nation decides to expand

    After a recent increase of inhabitants ,due to it being recognized as a country by the UN, it make it slightly overcrowded and in need for more land.
  • The Group of Founders find other Islands

    The Founders find out that numerous islands are also for sale all over the world. They all decide to contact the private sellers and the governments of the islands, and divides the 10 founders, named after themselves, into separate groups to help with the island intergration process.
  • After obtaining international lands, soon Europe and North America start to offer some islands up

    After seeing the intense growth of the nation of Lanconia, they offer up some islands to make them more of an investment for trade and alliances.
  • National government hits a speed bump

    The nation realizes that due to the distance of all the nation from the original colony makes it hard to govern all of them since each island can operate independently. So they start organizing the other nations to help unify them
  • Period: to

    Negotiation time and fund raising for the money

    It takes the group one year to work out the island for $1 Dollars from the French Government. The group spends three years later to get that money.
  • Period: to

    Development of the Island

    For two years, The group starts to build facilities to make supply water, energy, food, and waste disposal. It takes next year to establish government and make an alliance with France and the US. Then it takes the last year to make it into the UN due to the tight connections through the American Government due to the fact that the founders of the nation used to be in the military.
  • Period: to

    Negotiation for buying the islands all over the world and turning them into the other nations

    In the first year, the government first buys off four islands in Africa, and sends over Janae to establish the colonies. After three years, the government buys off 72 islands from the Caribbean, and sends Andrew to help colonize it. Then, the founders take four year to obtain 87 islands from Central and Southern American islands and sends Maximo and Nastasia to establish colonies. Two years pass and they secure 74 islands in Asia and the South Pacific and Zoe and Malayah are sent to colonies.
  • Period: to

    Buying off European and North American lands.

    After making negotiations with the two major continents, the nation starts to advance. After 10 years, the nation secures over 208 islands all over North America and sent Gideon and Elijah to form official colonies there. Lastly, it takes 2 years to get 27 islands from Europe, and sent Aly in order to colonize it. After this, it marked the end of the imperialism of the nation.
  • Period: to

    Unifying the nation

    In the span of three years, each island nation agreed upon a national government based on the first island of the nation. Each island will have representative of based on the total population of the each Island's continental region, and will elect congress members based on their values. Then they will also elect the national president to represent the nation and help run it. The president then elects the national supreme courts.
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    Establish "town" goverment

    The nation then agrees to call each individual island a town. Each will have their independent government that occasionally works with the federal government. Each will operate in a mayor-council system, and each has their own court system.