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  • Gorbachev's temporary moratorium on nuclear testing

  • Reykjyavik Summit

    Gorbachev accepted Reason's zero option plan and even proposed the abolishment of all nuclear weapons within 10 years
  • INF treaty

    dratically assymetrical reduction of theatre nuclear weapon destruction of 851- soviet launchers and 1836 missles compared to 283 American launchers and 867 missles
  • Gorbachev's speech at the UN

    Gorbachev announcted that international relations would now be free of ideology. He also endorsed the principle of ' freedom of choice'.
  • Solidarity wins Polish elections.

  • Fall of the Berlin wall

    This marked the end of the cold war as defined by a division in Europe .
  • Union treaty

    This entailed giving more authority to the soiet republics and the conservaties see it as an unacceptable sacrifice of central authority and further evident that Gorbachev's policies were undermining the dominance of the communist party of the Soviet Union
  • August Coup 1991

    This led to the immdiate fall of the USSR . The coup cemeneted Yeltsi's political position and damaged Gorbachev's credibility
  • Period: to

    whole of the end of cold war

  • Period: to

    reagon military buildup