Historical Film Events

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  • Invention of Celluloid Film

    Invention of Celluloid Film
    Willian H. Fox Talbot, was a english classical archaeologist who made paper sensitive to light by bathing it in silver and nitrate. The sliver turned the paper into a negative which could print positives. Also it helped print positives of other sheets on light sensitive paper.
  • The First Movie Theater

    The First Movie Theater
    The first actual movie theater was called the "Berlin Wintergarten Theater". The theater was built in 1887 and then later bombed on June 1944. The Sklandowsky brothers showed the first short movie presentation there making it the first movie theater.
  • First Movie Camera

    First Movie Camera
    The very first patent film camera was deigned by Louis De Prince in England. He built and patented an earlier 16 lens camera in 1887 at his workshop that wa slocated in Leeds. But there was many trial and errors before he made the first single lens camera in 1888.
  • Cinematographic

    The cinematographic was invented to make short films. At first they started producing a series of short films that lasted 30-60 seconds. These short films covered the blockbuster issues like a man falling off a horse.
  • First Movie Exchange

    First Movie Exchange
    In 1902, Henery Miles sets up the first film exchange where people can come and rent the films instead of buying them. With this new ordeal happening it changed the whole film industry. This slowly grew into programs such as netflix and other movie renting things.
  • Edwin Porter

    Edwin Porter
    There was employee of Thomas Edision that created the first U.S. narrative. The film was titled "The Great Train Robbery", the film was 12 minutes long. Also the film had 14 scenes which in that day was pretty epic.
  • First Animated Cartoon

    First Animated Cartoon
    The first animated cartoon was directed by James Stuart Blackton. The film was titled "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces", this film was a silent film. The film had animated hand drawn scense on a chalk board with the use of Stop-motion.
  • Paramount Pictures Founded

    Paramount Pictures Founded
    The movie comapny called Paramount pictures, it was origanlly called the Famous players film Compamy. However it was later renamed in 1914 to Paramount Pictures. The founder was named William Wadsworth Hodkinson and he came up with the original logo for the comapny.
  • Golden Age

    Golden Age
    The peak of filmography was in 1930, at this time it gave rise to iconic stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. This was a huge turning point because movies tended to gain alot of profit from these icons. Also it helped give actors a platform to really show their talent and whatnot.
  • Shirley Temple Rises To Fame

    Shirley Temple Rises To Fame
    Shirley Temple was the first child star to ever hit the movie industry. With the release of the movie "The Red Hair Alilbi" she was a instant star. She was the number one-box office star from 1935 through 1938.
  • The First Golden Globes

    The First Golden Globes
    The first Ceremony for the Golden globes was in 1944. The ceremony was held at the 20th century fox studios. The award is a accolade from the 93 members of the HFPA.
  • First African American Producer

    First African American Producer
    His name was Oscar Micheaux and he was a writer,producer, and director. Oscar would invalidate the racial sterotypes through his film. Also Oscar produced more than 44 films through his lifetime.