Timeline created by ToriMartinez09
  • 90

    A contract signed

    a contract was created to always be a democracy government where the citizens always get a voice and a vote on big decisions.
  • 91


    the government tally's up the votes and picks the president with the most votes.
  • 95

    citizens vote

    the president lets the citizens vote on the law if alcohol should be illegal to drink before the age of 18 and if you do you'll get arrested and have to take a breathalyzer every night with a police officer.
  • 99

    supreme court

    supreme court comes in and declares new laws without informing citizens
  • 99

    the protest

    citizens get angry at the government for lying to them so they start a protest outside the white house.
  • 99

    christmas miracle

    government decides to run everything by the president but lets citizens know but just not let them vote on it and also cut big prices in every store for Christmas.
  • Period:


    citizens get to vote for eligible men who study politics that can be our next president.