Designated Fund / Construction Project: Enhance Employability of adolescent youth through Vocational Training-Computer Lab -Computer Lab -

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  • IHQ-Project Approval

    -Goal: To enhance the employability of adolescent youth and local community resident´s by building a computer lab center where vocational skill training will be taught. -Outcome: Build one computer lab training center to provide certifiable skill to community residents by broadening the training
    curriculum offering based on market needs. -Output: 1.1 One computer lab constructed, fully equipped.
    2.1 Job training access ; courses will broaden base on market needs.
  • Government Christmas Holiday's

    -The month of December is an irregular working month. Many government offices closed or key functionaries are on Christmas vacation.
    -Legal process stalls until after Christmas break.
  • GNN-HO Visit Mayor´s Office. Community starts the process of legally transfering land to Municipality.

    -Several visits to the Majors Office but Mayor is not available. Contact information is left in his office.
    -Community leaders start the legal transfer of the land to the Municipality.
  • Government starts to function normally. Legal transfer continues.

    -Although the land is communal land, local government has to validate the transfer, this validation carries a documentation process.

    -Local government facilitate GNN a list of local construction companies they use for their projects to call for bidding if necessary..
  • Waiting on legal process. Contractor Bidding Issues.

    -legal arrangements are moving forward according to the public offices processing time.
    -We have been in contact with building contractors to ask if they can bid on the construction of the 26.8 2mt based on pictures and floor plans.
    -We are currently midway through documentation process.
    -Legal process are moving forward according to the public offices processing time.
    -Construction companies are not willing to bid without proper building requirement technical sketches.
  • Land Transfer process and Tasks Advancements. Political Working Environment Assessment.

    -On March 16, We found out that senior political leader that had openly stated that we could be FBI or CIA infiltration mechanism said to the community leader of El Aguacate that Good Neighbors International was “ok” since KOICA is working with the MINED.
    -We will evaluate if we can build with the legal document and framework we have in hand.

    - The following tasks are being worked simultaneously: Land Transfer follow-up, Construction bidding, Advertising –Job Market Need Assessment.
  • Meeting with Trade School from Local Government. Holly Week Vacation.

    -We had two meetings with Maryan Jarquin is the Director of Trade School from local government.
    -Local leaders of Roman Esteban appointed Maryan to be the computer lab operator from the local government.
    -Many government functionaries use their vacation time prior and after holly week. Making the month practically a two week month. As in December a small office crew is left to take in oficial request but there is no process nor decision making.
  • Local leaders looking for ways to Expediting construction process.

    -local leaders have taken the computer lab initiative to a higher political authority (above the Mayor) to speed up the construction process of the project.
    -senior political leader orders the city Mayor to proceed with
  • Agreement sent to INIFOM for approval.

    Agreement sent to INIFOM for approval.
    -Municipal Agreement to build the Computer Lab is sent to INIFOM (Nicaraguan Institute of Municipal Development).
  • CDP Office Opens in Jinotepe.

    -OD is the field is assigned to followup local government request for construction on a daily bases.

    -Meeting with local leaders to try to speed up process take place and constant phone monitoring is used.
  • Waiting to sign Agreement for Construction Phase of Project.

    -Although we have a clear understanding the land belongs to local government, and that the city Mayor and senior political leader have agreed to work with GNI and have drafted an official document for our organization permitting the building of a computer lab, we continue to wait for the Mayor.
    -According to Santiaga Lovo, council member of the Jinotepe, she believes that by the third week of May, we should be able to sign the agreement and start the construction.
  • Issues unfolding from CDP-Jinotepe / Designated Fund – Computer Lab.

    -Alcaldia´s Mayor can Not sign and MOU with GNN nor with any other organization.
    -The current Mayor, is an interim Mayor and has No authorization nor power to decide on the day to day activities of the Municipality..
    -INIFOM has informed the Alcalde that the request to build a computer lab in Roman Esteban is not a priority on the municipality agenda.
    -Alcalde is willing to give back land to community resident initial owner, so that the project could be done as a private venture.