My life ~ Damaris N.

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  • Birth

    I was born on December 9th 2000 at 6 am on a Saturday morning.
  • Moving

    I moved to Mexico to learn more about my heritage and culture.
  • Moving again

    Moving again
    I moved back to California after my grandparents got to sick.
  • Death

    My grandparents died shortly after I moved away.
  • Emotions

    Shortly after the death of my beloved grandparents i became depressed.
  • Mental breakdown

    Mental breakdown
    Life became difficult and i had lots of negative thoughts.
  • Drawing

    I started drawing and using art to cope with my depression.
  • Modeling

    My friend invited me to model with her to help with my low self esteem.
  • Interest

    I became interested in make up/ body art , hair style and cosplaying.
  • Birthday surprise

    Birthday surprise
    On my 15th birthday I went to Universal studios in Hollywood.
  • Sweet sixteen

    Sweet sixteen
    I had a sweet 16.